If you want to start – a car repair company or repair shop, then you need to understand in detail and configure the corresponding painting equipment, this article will introduce the elements and considerations related to the configuration of painting equipment, so that you can make more effective use of funds on hand, to achieve good value for money, value for money.

  1. How to configure a paint booth
    A paint booth is an important piece of equipment that is indispensable for automotive refinishing and painting operations. The purpose of a paint booth is to provide a safe, clean, and well-lit place to paint cars.
    The purpose of the paint booth is to provide a safe, clean and well-lit environment for the painting work so that the painting work is not disturbed by dust and the quality of the paint is guaranteed.
    The spray booth is designed to provide a safe, clean, and well-lit spraying environment for car painting construction so that the spraying work is not disturbed by dust, the quality of the paint is guaranteed and the volatile paint mist is controlled in a limited space to minimize environmental pollution.
  2. Technical requirements of the paint spray booth
    ① The air entering the spray booth must be strictly filtered to ensure that there is no dust in the air.
    ② Airflow in the spray paint room must flow along the direction of gravity from the ceiling to the ground, and from the ground to discharge the air, and after filtered to make it cleaner air.
    ③ Ensure that the air in the spray booth is converted 2 times per minute, therefore, the indoor airflow rate should be 0.3-0.6/s.
    If the airflow rate is too large, the paint loss will be too much and the state of the coating will be poor; if the airflow rate is too small, it will affect the normal evaporation of the solvent.
    ④ To have good lighting conditions.
    ⑤ Ensure that there is no negative pressure in the paint spray booth. This can be achieved by controlling the intake and exhaust volume, the amount of air entering the paint booth should be slightly more than the exhaust volume.
    ⑥ The operational noise of the paint spray booth must not exceed 85dB.
    ⑦ Must comply with the relevant requirements set by the fire prevention department.
  3. Classification of paint spray booths
    Paint spraying room according to its different ways to prevent dust mixing and paint mist removal can be divided into two categories: dry and wet.
    ① Dry spray paint room. Dry spray paint room mainly by the room body, filter, ventilation fan, and exhaust pipe, and other components. Its characteristics are
    simple structure, high painting efficiency, small loss of paint, as no water is used, reducing the water treatment equipment, the cost is also relatively low.
    It is widely used by domestic medium and small repair enterprises.
    ② Wet paint spray booths. Wet paint booths are divided into four types: water curtain type, water cyclone type, spray type, and Wen type. For high-grade car
    painting, foreign countries more often use the water-rotary or text-type spray paint room, the domestic rarely used.
  4. Maintenance of the paint booth
    ① All preparatory work before painting should be carried out outside the spray booth.
    ② Must often check and replace the filter according to the regulations when the room.
    ③ Daily check the air pressure meter readings, master the range of air pressure in the spray paint room, negative pressure is strictly prohibited.
    ④ Dry spray paint room before spraying construction to wet the ground for dust control.
    ⑤ To regularly check the lighting situation, replace weakened or burned-out lamps.
    ⑥ Lubricate and maintain the exhaust fan and motor juggling regularly.
    ⑦ Pay attention to personal hygiene and forbid entering the painting room in dirty clothes.
    ⑧ After each painting operation, clean thoroughly, and clean and maintain the relevant equipment in the spray booth.