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Installed aluminum profile horizontal spraying production line: powder spraying room, powder recovery system, curing furnace, flame system, overhead monorail conveyor, etc. The powder spraying room adopts the most popular pp board powder spraying room on the market and has a better electrostatic effect. The powder recovery system adopts cyclone powder recovery, and the powder recovery rate is more than 95%. The curing furnace adopts a thermal cycle and adopts gas heating method.

KW company focuses on the production of spraying production lines, powder coating production lines, spray painting production lines, such as spray booths, powder spray booths, powder recovery systems, curing boxes, etc. The organization has accumulated ten experiences and focused on the production line of custom paint buyers.

Why should aluminum profiles be powder coated?

Due to its small specific gravity, easy processing, and good mechanical strength, aluminum profiles happen to have been widely used for several years in the doorways of structures, household windows, and curtain walls. Aluminum is a contrasting light metal with a silver-white luster. Its corrosion resistance has the following two characteristics:

  1. The greater the hygiene, the stronger the corrosion resistance. Pure aluminum has a synergistic effect on oxygen in the air. It forms a thin and thin natural oxide film around the aluminum surface, which is faster and thicker than other metal oxide films. In addition, it also prevents further corrosion of dangerous gases and moisture in the air and has a maintenance effect.
  2. Aluminum profile has high mechanical strength, but low corrosion resistance. Even if the corrosion resistance of pure aluminum is very good, the mechanical strength is also very poor, which limits the use of aluminum to a certain extent. Therefore, everyone participates in the appropriate metals in aluminum, such as magnesium, copper, zinc, etc., to produce various metals. Aluminum alloy greatly improves the mechanical strength of aluminum and greatly expands its use. However, its corrosion resistance is not as good as that of pure aluminum, so it may be oxidized and corroded.

What is the process of the vertical powder coating production line?

Vertical powder coating production line The existing powder coating production line is mainly composed of pretreatment, loading and unloading system, powder spraying system, powder recovery system, curing and drying part, and conveying system.

The working process is mainly divided into pretreatment → loading → spraying → curing → unloading → packaging.

  • The pretreatment before the external treatment is mainly to remove the stains on the surface of the aluminum profile and form a layer of chromium film on the surface for the preliminary work of powder spraying.
  • Process: basket → degreasing → water washing → (alkali etching) → water washing → surface adjustment (neutralization) → water washing → chromatic → water washing → hot (pure) washing → dripping → drying → sending spray rack.

The benefits of aluminum profile powder spray coating production line

  1. Ultra-fine, high-purification, functional, intelligent, low-carbon, energy-saving, and ecological protection will be the mission and responsibility provided to us by the occasion.
  2. For many inorganic mineral powders, perfect coating effects can be achieved.
  3. The whole product is easy to operate, high quality, and low cost.
  4. According to material characteristics and customer requirements, a continuous production process or batch production process can be selected.
  5. There are many options for different processes.
  6. Provide technical consultation and personalized solutions for the coating process according to material characteristics and product usage.