SMD Automated Storage Series

Infismash brings state-of-the-art automated SMD storage technology under one roof. From a simple storage tower to a complete warehouse system, we offer everything according to customers’ needs.

Through innovative design and advanced software, we make SMD storage extremely efficient and easier. They optimize storage by minimizing the footprint and offer excellent throughput for speedy access.

1) Smart Material Tower

Smart Material Tower

The most basic yet advanced and intelligent SMD storage and retrieval solution. It has built-in trays with a reel capacity of up to 1,000 for optimized storage. It offers 1D/2D barcode recognition, temperature/humidity control, and MES/ERP integration.

2) Intelligent Single-module Silo

It takes SMD storage to the next level. Offers up to 4,000-reel capacity and daily throughput of over 8,000 reels. It is also AGV-compatible.

3) Intelligent Dual-module Silo

An ideal option for massive SMD storage and quick retrieval. The dual-module design boosts throughput up to 16,000 reels, which increases efficiency and production. It can offer storage for 6,000 to 10,000 reels.

4) Intelligent Warehousing System

A complete solution for SMD storage. From sorting to labeling and picking to storage, everything is controlled through the intelligent system. It makes SMD storage and retrieval better than ever before.