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What is a network flap door automatic shelf selection filing cabinet?

Network flap door automatic layer selection filing cabinets are intelligent cabinets for storing documents and are made up of software and hardware. Network flap door allows for closed-loop management from the production, boxing, shelving, unloading, borrowing, returning, and destruction of files. At the same time, these processes are completely recorded in the system database, realizing the full life cycle management of archives. Types and advantages of intelligent filing cabinets The functions that intelligent filing cabinets can achieve make document management easier and faster, greatly reducing the labor intensity of document management personnel and improving work efficiency. Complete the upgrade of the archive vault and the construction of a standard archive room to achieve comprehensive archive management.

What are the advantages of the network flap door automatic layer selection filing cabinet?

  1. Storage capacity is large: hanging multi-layer rotating shelves, effective storage capacity greatly increased. Take the steel Jie automatic layer selection cabinet as an example, it is equipped with 12 shelves, each shelf carries 46 volumes of data with a thickness of 3 cm, with a total storage capacity of 552 volumes.
  2. Automatic and efficient: It is automatically controlled by computer networking to achieve automatic and quick layer selection. The use of this equipment to manage documents and items can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.
  3. Easy to operate: the worker sits at the workbench and uses a computerized device to control the automatic rotation of the load shelves to take items out and store them directly.
  4. Reduce floor space: users can choose different types of automatic file cabinets according to the actual height of the warehouse, making full use of warehouse space, saving a lot of warehouse floor space (can save 50%~60% of the warehouse area), reducing the scale of infrastructure investment.

What are the functions of the automatic layer selection filing cabinet with a network flap door?

  1. Automatic control layer selection: CNC cabinet automatic control system of automatic control equipment to select the required loading shelf layer.
  2. Electric control layer selection: CNC cabinet automatic control system of automatic control equipment failure, you can use the electric control layer selection.
  3. Automatic fault measurement and reporting: The automatic control system of the CNC cabinet automatically measures and reports equipment faults.
  4. Emergency manual operation: In the event of a power failure, the equipment can be operated by hand.
  5. Automatic shortcut layer selection: The automatic control system of the CNC cabinet automatically controls the equipment to select the desired layer of loading shelves by shortcut.
  6. Automatic control by computer network: the computer is a network with the layer selection library to control the automatic opening, layer selection, and operation of the CNC cabinet.
  7. Photoelectric safety protection: The automatic control system has safety protection functions for the operator and the equipment.
  8. Electric and automatic door opening: the door can be opened manually, electrically, and automatically.