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Shelf Carousels
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Vertical Carousels
KenWei – the leading vertical carousel manufacturer provides cost-effective and high quality intelligent automated vertical carousel storage system for all industries.
Vertical Carousel Filing Systems
China’s leading Vertical Carousel Filing System manufacturer – KenWei provides you with robust, flexible smart and cost-effective automated vertical document carousels and RFID filing cabinets.
Vertical Lift Module
KenWei provides high flexible, efficient, durable Vertical Lift Modules – Shelving Carousels & Pan Shelving Carousels this intelligent VLM Automated Storage Tower & Retrieval System for high storage density for bulky and heavier items!
Why choose us?

The company is one of the professional automatic storage equipment manufacturers in China

The company’s main products include vertical carousels, Vertical Lift Modules(VLM), Vertical Carousel Filing Systems, Automated storage and retrieval systems(ASRS),Smart tower storage,SMT Reel Storage,Automated Pharmacy Systems The factory produces conveyor lines and automatic storage systems for storage parts, etc. The products are mainly used in the storage of parts and components in electronics, machinery, communications, automobiles, chemicals, and military industries.

The company’s product research and development team is composed of mechanical design engineers and software design engineers.

The products have passed the IS09001 quality system certification and IS014001 environmental management system certification, and the products have been awarded a number of invention patents by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Hytrol Conveyor And Pallet Conveyor
A pallet conveyor is an industrial equipment designed to facilitate the transport of goods loaded with metal supports called pallets through a factory or warehouse space. This page introduce the application of pallet conveyors merits of pallet conveyors, types of pallet conveyors.
Roller Conveyors
Gravity conveyors, also referred to as roller conveyors, are some of the simplest, most cost effective and many versatile kinds of conveyors. They work by permitting the merchandise to roll across the upper surface.
Power and free conveyor
Power and free conveyors? would be the workhorse from the overhead conveyor product family. Power and free conveyors are usually accustomed to transport parts along an set up line in one tactic to another.
Manufacturing industry
Surface treatment industry
Mechanical and Electrical industry
Electronic and electrical instrumentation industry
Transport and storage industry
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