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What is the ARM automatic inventory filing cabinet system?

ARM automatic inventory filing cabinets system hardware system based on highly reliable industrial motherboard PC104 built from, human-machine interface using color LCD and touch screen, and adaptive 10 megabit / 100 megabit Ethernet for the whole system networking. The ARM automatic inventory filing cabinets system has a 100% accuracy rate of inventorying files in the cabinet.

What are the main functions of the ARM automatic inventory filing cabinet system?

The main functions that can be accomplished by each file cabinet are described as follows.

Local working status

  1. Any selected layer automatically move line or manual operation, power down to maintain the current layer.
  2. File entry and entry out: switch the working state to entry or entry out state, use the front desk scanner to scan the file RF label, then press confirm that it is finished.
  3. File query, you can query the current barcode cabinet number, layer number and whether it is in the file cabinet.

Networking working status

  1. Batch entry, entry out: issued by the upper computer batch entry or entry out of the file RF tag number queue will be shown on the display, while the file cabinet go layer to the destination layer, scanning after putting in or taking out a file, the queue will be deducted accordingly, until this layer of the file processing is completed after the file cabinet will go layer to another destination layer with the task.
  2. Inventory: It has the function of automatic inventory of the upper computer and local machine. After receiving the inventory instruction issued by the upper computer, the local machine enters the inventory work program. In the inventory work, the background scanner will send the cabinet number, layer number and barcode to the upper computer for every RF tag scanned until the inventory is finished or interrupted. If you need single cabinet to carry out inventory separately, you can send out inventory instruction to the local machine of the cabinet to carry out inventory and upload the inventory result to the upper computer.

Why choose KENWEI ARM automatic inventory filing cabinet system?

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