High Flexible & Intelligent Vertical Lift Module Systems

KenWei designs and produces automated order picking and storage systems with the most advanced vertical lift modules on the market, to meet a broad range of storage and retrieval applications in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and warehouse operations. KenWei’s innovative, vertical lift module storage tower is designed to optimize space and improve picking and storage operations. The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) maximizes storage potential by taking advantage of the facility’s total ceiling height, provide high storage density for bulky and heavier items.

What is Vertical Lift Module

The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is a powerful vertical file cabinet with shelves and an automatic lifting pallets that stores a huge number of goods and items. VLM is a an automated storage and retrieval system in which trays are stored vertically on the front and rear of the device. In the middle there is an extractor which, at the push of a button or by reading a barcode, automatically transports the trays with the stored goods into the access opening. Due to the modular design, the vertical lift system can be adapted to the respective height requirements at any time, both before and after assembly.

How Does The Vertical Lift Module (VLM) System Work?

The VLM storage system use pallets as storage units. Through the lifting and horizontal movement of the pallet truck, the pallets that store the goods are taken out or sent to the appropriate cargo space in the cabinet. The absolute address recognition method is adopted in the lifting movement, which has high precision and accurate address recognition. The horizontal movement is controlled by inductive switches to meet the action requirements of the mechanism. When storing goods, there is an automatic side height device at the entrance to detect the height of the stored items, and automatically and reasonably arrange the storage space in the cabinet. Realize intelligent management and truly realize “items to people”. The vertical lifting container has manual, stand-alone automatic, and online automatic operation modes. The management monitoring system can be connected with ERP and MRPⅡ. Compared with vertical carousels, vertical lift modules are more suitable for storing items with large differences in size and irregular shapes.

Vertical Lift Module follows the principle of Goods-to-Men storage, where the traveling product is and not the employee. When employees are up and running, VLM brings the parts directly to the workstation, greatly improving work efficiency and space efficiency of floor space. The automation equipment can reduce employee work time by more than 45 percent.

Benefits of Using Vertical Lift Module

With the vertical lift system, you can systematically master current and future intralogistic market requirements such as a greater variety of items, smaller batch sizes and 24-hour service and optimize your workflow. One or more picking stations, an automatic handling system and the mix of trays, containers and boxes guarantee maximum flexibility in use. The software suite supports and optimizes your logistics and picking processes.

Here are the main advantages with a vertical lift system:

The inventory capability is guaranteed by the integration into the internal merchandise management system

  • Maximum use of space on a minimal footprint
  • Individual storage of a wide variety of trays
  • Saves time and increases your operating speed
  • Ensures your stored products are safe
  • Ergonomic benefits for operators
  • Increase in the turnover of goods
  • Maximum storage density and capacity
  • Flexible storage strategies
  • Comprehensive safety features

KenWei Vertical Lift Module Options

KenWei storage solution team has extensive experience in integrating different types of vertical lift module systems for users wishing to store wide range of products. The systems include Shelf Carousels, Pan Carousels and ASRS systems. Our team will carry out a complete case study, design your storage system and suggest the best vertical lifting solution that best suits your needs.

Selective Vertical Lift Module (Shelf Carousel)

The intelligent Selective Vertical Lift Module also known as Shelf Carousel, has the same principles and functions as the tray type lift module. The storage unit is divided into several units horizontally. The width and depth of the storage unit are determined according to the size of the bin, and the bin is fixed by the supports on both sides. In addition to the function of lifting up and down movement and forward and backward translation movement of the elevator, it can realize the automatic storage and retrieval of the material box by moving the trolley in the horizontal and left directions. After the expansion of the stand-alone equipment, Shelving Carousel can realize online operation, docking with the conveying line, and realize the storage and retrieval of batch unit bins, and transport the bins to the instruction station through AGV or robots, thereby realizing unmanned operation. Greatly improve work efficiency and reduce production logistics operating costs. At the same time, the system will automatically record the quantity of materials and the location of the storage unit to facilitate query, traceability and automatic inventory.

The intelligent selectable vertical lifting system uses the material box as the storage unit, adopts a modular design, multiple rows or multiple layers, and effectively realizes the dense storage of materials. The fully enclosed design adopts constant temperature and humidity to meet the needs of different customers. The first mode is the docking mode between the equipment and the conveyor line and the AGV trolley, the second is the docking mode between the equipment and the conveyor line and the third is the online operation of the equipment. Realize unmanned operations such as intelligent warehousing, logistics and transshipment, and the products are widely used in the field of factory spare parts and electronic product file management and other fields.

Pallet Lift Modules (Pan Carousels)

Pallet Lift Module, referred to Pan Carousel is, a three-dimensional warehouse with pallets as the storage unit. Through the lifting movement of the translation machine, the pallets are sent to the position of the system command, or the pallets in a certain position of the system are automatically run and sent to the equipment for shipment. When the material exceeds the height set by the pallet lift system, the pan carousel will automatically lock and remind to intervene to ensure the safety of material storage. It can store small parts or some special-shaped materials, safe, accurate, reliable and timely. At the same time, the pan carousel system will automatically record the quantity of materials and the location of the storage unit to facilitate query, traceability and automatic inventory.

We plan for you, custom-made and precisely for your individual storage requirements. Send us an inquiry, we will be happy to advise you.

Infismash Shuttle models

Infismash Shuttle 250

Flexible solution for small parts and lightweight inventory.

The Infismash Shuttle 250 is a solution for storing and retrieving small-sized inventory. With a tray width of 3,550 mm, the Infismash Shuttle 250 can cope withmasses up to 250 kg per tray. It’s compact layoutlets in it to adapt to area requirements, impartingmost storage potential in a minimal footprint with a mosttop of eight m. Further, the devicewithout problems modifies to a largevary of requirements. For example, for storing items in temperature manageddevices or underneatheasy room conditions.

Infismash Shuttle 500

Highly compact storage for medium loads

The Infismash Shuttle 500 zhandles a tray width of 3,550 mm and hundreds up to five hundred kg per tray. It adjusts to a machine top of 12 m permitting a massive storage volume. The Infismash Shuttle five hundred is best for correctly storing and retrieving heavy tools, factors or spare parts. It is extraordinarily bendy with a wide variety of unique alternatives that can be effortlessly built-in earlier than or after installation. The devices can expand, decrease, alter or adapt in a variety of approaches to cater to altering wants which includes commercial enterprise growth, new applications, or a relocation.

Infismash Shuttle 1000

Manages heavy duty loads up to 1,000 kg

With a tray width of 3,550 mm, the Infismash Shuttle 1000 hundreds up to 1,000 kg per tray. Achieving new load-carrying ability standards, it is perfect for storing medium-heavy to heavy parts. Using a forklift, stack and keep Euro pallets and mesh packing containers in specifically designed trays. This saves area and makes it viable to discover items faster, supporting to decrease costs, increase productiveness and extend ergonomics. A factory-installed crane can be used to go saved items easily, reducing working instances and costs.

Every Infismash Shuttle is configured to meet your needs

Technical data of the Vertical Lift Module

Shuttle 250Shuttle 500Shuttle 1000
Width1,706 to 4,000mm1,706 to 4,000mm1,706 to 4,000mm
Depth2,341 and 3,100mm2,341 and 3,100mm2,341 and 3,100mm
Height2,550 to 12,000 mm2,550 to 12,000 mm2,550 to 12,000 mm
LoadUp to 250 kgUp to 500 kgUp to 1,000 kg
Height grid100 mm100 mm100 mm
Standard technical data, other sizes possible on request

TThe values shown in the table reference standard configurations. It is possible to also construct other units with different widths, depths and heights.

Additional options

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multifunction containers

Flexible container configurations

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Vertical Lift Module