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Small parts storage

Small parts storage is a solution for storing, managing and picking individual items such as small and light goods. small parts storage solutions are very impressive in terms of space-saving, reliability and ease of use – and thanks to seamless system integration The management of the tools stored in the lift system is based on an intuitive warehouse management solution. The system records all stock quantities and warehouse operations (placing and picking) and compares them with the data in the central tool management software.

All the tools and fixtures required for the production process are included in the work orders created by the computer software. The user’s identity is verified on the controller by means of a chip and the employee initiates the work order using a barcode scanner. All lifts then take the containers with the required order items to the access point. When the container reaches the access point, the picking position on the container can be displayed for quick and error-free retrieval.

Why choose KenWei Small parts storage?

KenWei small parts storage systems can store small and light goods, significantly increasing productivity and energy consumption while reducing error rates. Our solutions have a variety of uses. Use them to store goods in high-bay warehouses, to supply production lines with a variety of products, to pick slow-moving parts in distribution warehouses or to buffer storage in assembly areas. kenWei’s solutions can be easily customized to meet your exact needs.