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KenWei Tire Carousels – High Effective & Intelligent Vertical Tier Storage Solution

KenWei Tire Carousels offer the idea efficient and ergonomic methods to organize, display, store and retrieve tires! Our tire storage carousels are a semi-automatic equipment that has carriers that carry the tires in a rotating way to deliver them to the operator at an ergonomic height that eliminates the need for ladders, forklifts and any other dangerous or ineffective method.

By incorporating the carousel into your operation, the tires reach the operator’s hands, thus eliminating the route to search for tires and acting in benefit of the health of your workers since the loading and unloading point of the carousel is designed in such a way ergonomic to facilitate handling of heavy and bulky tires.

Applications of KenWei Motorized Vertical Tire Carousels

KenWei as one of the best motorized tire carousel manufacturer, has taken on the task of finding the best system to organize and store your tires efficiently and ergonomically with our vertical tire carousel, which is one of the essential accessories in massive car garage and other industrial. Our tier carousels are widely used in these places:

  • Tire manufacturing workshop and warehouse
  • Automobile manufacturing workshops and warehouses
  • Automobile 4S shop and repair center
  • Large car garage

Main Advantages of KenWei Motorized Vertical Tire Storage Carousels

  • Optimized Space with Automated Models – Reduces the space occupied by your tires, recovering 70% of the space occupied by conventional storage;
  • Large Storage Capacity – Take advantage of the height of your warehouse or store, and multiple tire sizes can be stored in one place;
  • Labor Cost Saving – Only one operator is required to load and unload the carousel, the labor cost is thus optimized, and overall benefit is increased;
  • Saving Time – Reduce search and retrieval time and improve the capacity of the service/maintenance department;
  • Increased Productivity – With the tire carousel, worker can quickly access the tire models they need at the push of a button;
  • Inventory Management – Fewer errors when listing orders with simplify management, the stock being easily and quickly identifiable by brand and by reference;
  • Improved Safety – Many physical and dangerous manipulations related to storage and retrieval are eliminated, offers user comfort and increased safety;
  • Customization Possibilities – Dimensions and total capacity of the tire carousel can be customized to adapt perfectly to your premises.

What is Motorized Tire Carousel?

Those who sell or distribute tires know how difficult it is to store them in a way that they are easy to identify and order according to the type of tire. It is an unavoidable challenge, such as space optimization or agility in order preparation, so how to store tires correctly to optimize costs and labor efficiency? Therefore, the solution that we recommend for the industrial storage of tires would be Motorized Tire Carousel, in this case, adapted for tires or wheels of different dimensions. This vertical carousel has proven to be particularly useful for efficient storage of large quantities of tires.

Motorized Tire Carousel is the intelligent vertical tire storage system which can is specially designed for storing, displaying and retrieving tires. By using vertical storage technology, tire carousels automatically stores a large number of tires on multi-story elevated racks, thereby optimizing your cubic space and allowing you to use the reclaimed space for other income-generating activities. All Tire Storage Carousels of KENWEI provide two-way rotation to transport the product to the operator, where the tire can be placed at an ergonomically acceptable height. Each tire carousel contains multiple tire limit bars to allow multiple sizes of tires to be stored side by side.

Your Trustworthy Vertical Tire Carousel Supplier – KenWei

KenWei as China Professional Tire Carousel Supplier and Manufacturer offer you customized Tier Storage Racks making full use of the height and depth available in warehouses, production workshops, and workplaces, is very suitable for high-density storage. Especially automobile and tire manufacturers use our tire storage carousel system to benefit from the rapid acquisition of automobile tires, large aircraft tires and heavy-duty tires. Optimizing material flow can increase overall productivity in the long term.