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IMS Smart Cabinet

The Smart Cabinet solution is a professional solution for the intelligent upgrading of enterprise warehousing, represented by the automated storage system and the dense storage system, which gives intelligent access to materials, picking and inventory management. It can effectively improve the customer’s storage space utilisation, reduce storage and transportation losses and labour costs, and achieve the most economical, rational and effective flow of materials in stock, mainly for the storage management of various raw materials, and semi-finished products and finished products.

The IMS Smart Cabinet is characterised by its simple structure, ease of use, flexibility, unique password, irreproducibility, high system reliability and reduced equipment maintenance costs. Cold rolled steel sheets are commonly used as the main body.

IMS800 Smart Cabinet

Suitable for placing bulky products, or bulk consumable items, unique borrow/return items, appointment pick-up functions, especially.

The IMS800 is particularly suitable for common items on site

For you:

  • 24/7 round-the-clock manning
  • Precise distribution control and inventory statistics
  • Management of up to 80 materials
  • Product visibility through the glass
  • Side-by-side extension of cabinets
  • Staff-only recycling storage
  • Utility loan and return management
  • The large material collection function
  • Width, depth and height 880- 500-1950mm

IMS600M intelligent cabinet

Suitable for tools, cutting tools, abrasives, adhesives, security and other consumable items

For you:

  • 21.5″ screen for touch control
  • Capacity for 60 types of material
  • Capacity 960
  • Trade-in interface design
  • Standby interface for corporate communications
  • Network cable, WIFI, IOT card three networking methods
  • PUSH
  • Password, card and face
  • Width, depth and height 1330-880-1950mm