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Production storage warehouse

Production storage warehouses help companies maximize warehouse space and provide a variety of operational benefits that improve supply chain efficiency and increase employee productivity. The right production storage warehouse solution not only optimizes available space but also makes it easier for staff to locate and retrieve products safely and efficiently.

By updating the storage space in your production storage warehouse, you’ll gain additional space, save on storage costs and maximize the efficiency of your local workforce. Explore our compact mobile and static storage systems, pallet racking systems, multi-purpose racking systems and other high-density storage solutions, all of which offer endless ways to perfectly store items of all shapes and sizes in your warehouse.

Warehouse storage solutions are particularly helpful in solving the following problems

Inadequate storage capacity

By efficiently utilizing available space and meeting capacity requirements, utilizing warehouse storage solutions allows warehouses to store more products in the same footprint.

Picker productivity

Too much picker search and travel time is wasted, increasing the chance of mispicking. To maximize worker productivity, warehouses should compress and label SKUs to ensure they are easy to access and find.

Cluttered products

Fulfillment centers need to keep up with consumer demand. Customized storage places high-volume items in easily accessible areas and keeps smaller volume products accessible but in less conspicuous locations.

High labor costs

Use storage to reduce product search time and increase daily pick rates. Organized storage also allows smaller employees to get more picks per day, thus maximizing productivity.