KenWei Automation Technology CO.,LTD

Changsha KenWei automation technology co., ltd. has been helping to improve productivity and efficiency for manufacturing operations and warehousing and distribution centers around the world.

The company has continued to introduce domestic and overseas advanced technology and experience, constantly innovated, and researched and developed quality products in combination with customers’ actual demands, since its founding, with the main products including: power and free conveyors, overhead conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, roller conveyors, assembly line, complete paint/powder spraying production line, electrophoresis/electroplating production line, logistics transportation equipment, product assembly and packaging line, baking equipment, automated coating equipment and UV curing light, etc. Its products are widely used in hardware and mechanical and electronic industry, digital electronic industry, communication equipment industry, household appliance industry, automobile industry, plastics industry, electroplating industry and food industry, etc. Its equipment has been installed in USA, UK, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Egypt, etc. so far and accepted by the industry.