Changsha Kenwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Incoming and outgoing goods rely on central storage management and all items in stock, including their quantities and storage locations, are recorded in the ERP system and managed exclusively by SAP. Picking orders are generated and placed directly in SAP. The lift control system is directly connected to SAP thanks to the hardware lifts being connected via an interface. the SAP dialogues are displayed in real-time on the high-resolution touch screen of the controller unit. When an employee uses the controller to select and confirm the item to be retrieved, the picker brings the necessary multifunctional containers directly to the access point. The storage locations on the multifunctional containers are displayed graphically on the controller to help prevent picking errors. Each time an item retrieval is confirmed directly in SAP using the controller, the overall stock status is automatically updated. Each item is given a label and allocated to the appropriate work order, which is then transferred to the production area on the same building floor to complete the shipment.

Why choose KenWei goods in and receiving systems? 

Quick and easy retrieval

KenWei’s internal warehouse management system is directly connected to the lift controller. Information such as item location, stock status and material release approval is displayed at the lift entrance, allowing quick and easy retrieval by staff, and the system also ensures error-free picking. Each order item is also displayed on the lift terminal

Simultaneous transport of multiple items

The simultaneous operation of multiple item transport settings significantly improves order picking performance. As KenWei storage management system is located close to the production and warehouse areas, materials can be accessed quickly and employees do not have to travel long distances to find stored items.

High storage density

High storage density is another advantage of the KenWei storage system, which can accommodate large volumes of storage in a very small space.

On-demand customisation

Complex storage management takes place in the host system and thanks to the extensive configuration options and add-on modules, the software can be customised for each customer as required.