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What is a PLC touch screen controlled automatic layer selection filing cabinet?

File cabinet filing cabinet working principle: The continuous lift container is developed based on my vertical lift container, combined with the automated three-dimensional warehouse structure. The equipment uses pallets as storage units and transports pallets to storage locations or pick-up ports through the movement of the lift trolley between multiple vertical lift container units. The machine makes use of space to increase the stock area and operates quickly and with low noise. The machine can effectively detect the height of different materials and rationalize storage locations using an automatic height measuring light curtain. The combined design of the office cabinets makes short-run storage more flexible and can greatly increase space utilization.

As a manufacturer of PLC touch screen controlled automatic layer selection filing cabinet, KENWEI will further improve the intelligence in the future, such as automatic detection of the opening and closing door travel position and automatic adaptation to changes indoor resistance to maintain a high level of sensitivity to protection in case of obstacles at all times. New functions will also be added, such as the use of residential security systems.

What are the advantages of PLC touch screen-controlled automatic layer selection filing cabinets?

  1. PLC touch screen function automatic layer selection filing cabinet adopts industrial grade PLC control system. The control system achieves more stable operation, lower power consumption, and more convenient operation.
  2. system working voltage in 12V ~ 22V, can be adjusted according to the use of the situation, in a long time standby vacant state system automatically into the protection state, working environment compared to the traditional single-chip control use a greater range, to achieve a safer operating experience.
  1. the system for high-power load is much higher than the traditional intelligent control of the load rate, with the depth of professional staff optimization adjustment, the system operation is more stable.
  2. system communication using industrial grade 485 bus standard can reach 2 megabits through speed, more than enough for file cabinet control, but also has the characteristics of real-time performance, while the terminal connection is more reliable, its bus topology more omitted hubs and wiring complexity of the workload.
  3. The system uses a color LCD and has a key touch function, which makes operation more convenient, and when not working, the system automatically turns off the display, reducing power consumption while having a longer service life.
  4. Access to the software of the upper computer: the upper computer completes the data exchange with all gear cabinets through an intelligent 485 bus control switch. Through this exchange, the upper computer can transparently access the industrial 485 bus in the form of a duplex serial port, and through the open office cabinet, the control command set can be connected to the user-developed control management software to form a user-defined file management system.
  5. The system security is higher than the traditional single-chip control system, the system integrates the power-on encryption function, in the absence of password state, will not be able to operate on the files. The system is equipped with a user rights management system, which makes file management more secure and reliable.

Why choose KENWEI’s PLC touch screen-controlled automatic shelf selection filing cabinets?

As a manufacturer of PLC filing cabinets, KENWEI’s factory is fully committed to quality management, with rich production experience and production equipment and excellent raw material input, in-depth research on domestic and international fashion, the production of various types of PLC touch screen controlled automatic layer selection file cabinets, not only excellent workmanship, and elegant and generous appearance, environmental protection and durable, soft colors, partitions are processed, durable, adhering to the Good performance, can store a large number of documents, books and other things are not deformed, mainly for the storage of information or confidential information, by the majority of demand groups love.