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Distribution warehouse

A distribution warehouse is a special type of warehouse designed to serve goods close to the end of the supply chain. When items have been manufactured and are ready for distribution to retailers, you can find them in a distribution warehouse. As an integral part of the supply chain, a distribution warehouse is a place between the arrival of a product from its origin and its delivery to a retailer or customer. Warehousing can also be more than just the storage of items, but for those running a business of any size, warehousing and distribution may also involve a large number of other services that prepare products for delivery. A good warehouse management system can be the missing ingredient that makes or breaks a company’s success. warehousing includes all aspects of inventory control, shipping and order fulfilment, which means all you have to do is worry about the front-end aspects of your business such as marketing and sales. KenWei distribution warehouse offers very flexible and bespoke solutions for businesses large and small, taking into account the specific organisation’s exact needs.

The benefits of using a distribution warehouse

  • Unlike other warehousing options, distribution warehouses are built to facilitate incoming and outgoing product movements and utilise a warehouse storage system that allows for easy tracking, inventorying and locating of products within the warehouse.
  • Distribution warehouses are designed for this specific stage in the supply chain, picking and packing, inventory and shipment tracking are all top priorities. A good distribution warehouse will utilise warehouse storage systems to facilitate product movement and use digital tracking systems to ensure security.
  • Distribution warehousing reduces the risk of product damage, loss and theft. Because distribution warehouse options are designed with your products in mind, they can be tailored to your specific needs, including temperature specifications, heavy equipment use and even the correct humidity levels. This means less of your product is lost on its way to your customers.
  • Reduce risk – many warehouses use advanced technology such as RFID tags and tracking systems to ensure your goods can always be inventoried and located.