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What is RFID Automatic Layer Selection File Cabinet?

The RFID Automatic Layer Selection File Cabinet adds RFID technology to the original automatic layer selection file cabinet, from the original barcode management to RFID radio frequency management. The reader reads the information and decodes it, then sends it to the central information system for relevant data processing.

RFID management system, is by the reader (front, back, and upper computer three sets) and electronic tags and application software system composed of three parts, its working principle is by the reader to transmit a specific frequency of radio wave energy to the electronic tag, to drive the electronic tag circuit will be the internal data sent out, then the reader will receive in order to interpret the data, sent to the application to do the corresponding processing. Only when there is read-write equipment, RFID can play its role, the reader connected to the identification system has a key chip, can do the commission good encryption. The front and backstage readers have a reading function, the upper computer reader has a reading and writing function. The backstage RFID scanner group is arranged by multiple scanning chip collection layout, the layout is different from the traditional disk library motor drive scanner one by one sweep code disk library process, and disk library speed will be far faster than the ordinary single sweeper motor drive disk library speed.

What are the advantages of RFID compared to barcode scanning management?

  • RFID has a smaller and more convenient identification sticker area.
  • RFID sweep reading speed is more than several times faster than the original barcode reading speed; it generally takes only about 10 seconds to sweep each layer.
  • RFID scanning code reading accuracy than barcode higher than the existence of printing blurred can not be identified and other issues.
  • RFID sweep reading can penetrate all non-metallic compartments, bar codes cannot penetrate.
  • RFID reader is directly installed in the work panel, the desktop does not take up any space.
  • The chip inside the RFID sticker can be written and read out in a circular manner.
  • The RFID reader is powered through the internal electrical box of the filing cabinet for more stable access.
  • The RFID stickers are attached to the files, effectively avoiding the problem of empty boxes without files in the cabinets and providing more reliable management of the files.

Why choose KENWEI RFID Automatic Layer Selection File Cabinet?

KENWEI has accumulated a wealth of experience in the production and sale of RFID Automatic Layer Selection File Cabinets over the years and has also received support and advice from new and existing customers through continuous improvement and practice.

With the rapid development of society, people’s living standards continue to improve, office furniture styles, supporting, design more and more have their own style, so Kenway file cabinet to its product design, selection of materials, production to packaging and other aspects are carried out using strict quality testing methods.