Changsha Kenwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

KENWEI Intelligent Automated Storage System for Bank and Financial Industry

Through the combination of the security management of the bank’s local intelligent banking business warehouse and the remote off-site duty of the warehouse room, the combination of technical defense and physical defense, the combination of simple and rigorous access procedures and advanced technologies such as Internet of Things RFID, KENDWEI automatic storage system is practical. It effectively guarantees the safe storage and supervision of various bank documents, cash and valuable confidential items.

Safe and Efficient Bank Filing Storage Solutions

We provide a series of automatic storage cabinets designed for banks and the financial industry to create efficient and secure intelligent ASRS systems for financial enterprises.

Intelligent High Density Mobile File Cabinet

It is a batch file storage smart device built by combining traditional shelf technology with artificial intelligence technology, network technology, video capture technology, biometric technology and other technical means, and comprehensively using a number of development tools and technologies. Our intelligent shelving adopts RFID management system, placement gate management system, twelve perception system and environmental management and control system to ensure safety and high efficiency.

Office Carousel (Smart Tower Storage)

Can be placed close to the workstation, can stand or sit comfortably for operation, small footprint and large storage space, saving work time and improving work efficiency. Carousel vaults designed for banks and financial centres are ideal for fast retrieval and safe and secure storage of cards and confidential documents in office areas, while at the same time offering optimal space utilization and ergonomics for everyday office life!

RFID radio frequency real-time filing cabinet

through the built-in FFID reader and antenna, the RFID electronic tag is used to sense the file position in real time; when the file is read by mistake, it will send out voice prompts and indicators; Managed by RFID card or fingerprint, password, etc. For managing important bank collateral documents, stamp cards for important bank vouchers and important securities file management.

Benefits of Using our Bank Automated Storage System

We provide Banks and Financial Centers with an intelligent ASRS storage system to:

  • Changes the difficulty of managing collaterals and pledges on behalf of banks, and the outstanding risks and hidden dangers
  • Realizes efficient, intelligent and safe management, and realizes innovations in the management of collaterals and collaterals from technology and process
  • Improve management efficiency, reduce management costs, control management risks