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Automated Storage System for Government Administrations/Agencies

With the pace of the development of the times, in the modern office environment, the Internet of Things and intelligence are the main directions of future development, and intelligence has become the label of the development of human civilization. Traditional file cabinets can no longer meet the needs of modernization, but have The use of smart lockers with functions of networking, sending and receiving files, and SMS verification code notification greatly improves service efficiency. The staff of government agencies (public security, law, etc.) put the documents required by the parties into the smart file exchange cabinet, and issue SMS verification codes through the system. For the parties, the parties only need to go to the office of the government agency, enter the existing verification code on the terminal display of the intelligent file exchange cabinet, and take out the documents they need. The emergence of intelligent file exchange cabinets has not only improved the efficiency of work, but also improved the image of government affairs.

KENWEI Automatic Solutions in Government Administrations/Agencies

KENWEI offers a variety of efficient file storage cabinets for document storage and retrieval in government departments, which can be customized according to the special needs of any venue and user:

Automated filing system & record storage – Ideal storage solution for personal files and confidential documents. Every file requested is instantly available at the touch of a button, making everyday administrative tasks faster and more efficient!

Vertical carousel for office folder – The office carousel can hold government office documents such as all criminal records throughout the region. It can be installed directly next to the desk, which not only makes efficient use of space, but also makes the workflow of the administrative office easier.

Automatic filing cabinet – Can be customized to archive the personnel files for your required amount of employees. Documents can be easily retrieved and sorted on a device with a workbench and are wheelchair users as well as disabled friendly.


1. The operation is simple and easy to use

The fundamental purpose of intelligent file retriever design is to serve the people, “smart file retriever” uses bar code information entry file cabinet system, greatly improving management efficiency, querying the location of the file only needs to search through mobile phones or computers, the location of the file box will have lights and voice prompts, convenient and fast, time-saving and labor-saving.

2. The security protection is high and confidential

Each file stored through the smart file retriever has a number, so the whereabouts of the file system will be clear, only through the system identity through the user can successfully borrow the file, the intelligent file cabinet electromagnet will not let the file be lost for no reason, borrowing and returning will also be clear at a glance, there is no unclear division of responsibility and many other insecurity issues.

3.The process is simple and the work is fast

All the services of the file collection cabinet support mobile phone scanning operation, communicate with the master controller, convenient and fast, easily complete the work of borrowing, returning, destroying, etc., and have a safe record and evidence.

4.RFID intelligent identification technology, accuracy

Each box position in the intelligent file cabinet electromagnet is equipped with an RFID antenna, which can automatically identify the file box label at each position, and upload the information automatically, which can realize the disorderly storage of files, orderly management, and real-time online inventory of files.

5.To achieve real-time information sharing, reliability

If the user unit has other storage devices of KENWEI, such as intelligent file cabinet, samart table filing cabinet, etc., the information sharing and real-time transmission between the file cabinet and these devices can be realized.