Bar Stock Vertical Lift System VLS

Efficient bar stock storage and integration solution

bar stock storage and integration solution
bar stock storage and integration solution

Infismash’s Vertical Bar Lifting System (VLS) is adaptable to a wide variety of sizes and applications. Cartridges are designed to accept linear objects such as bar stock, pipes and beams. They can also be custom molded to suit custom applications, such as bending dies, ensuring your material storage is safe, organized and efficient.

infismash’s Bar Stock VLS is a value-added solution for warehouse automation programs, increasing productivity and safety.

1. Overview and features

1.1 Overview

Infismash Bar Stock Vertical Lift System VLS consists of a material tower, hoist, pallet, loading and unloading system, and material storage management system.

Bar Stock Vertical Lift System (VLS)

The Bar Stock Vertical Lift System (VLS) is a cutting-edge solution for managing metal bar stock inventory. The VLS is a type of vertical lift module (VLM) that has been specifically designed for storing and retrieving long, heavy items such as metal bar stock.

1.1.1: Material storage system:

Assembling with a rectangular tube, and the lifting column is processed by the gantry milling machine to ensure the running precision and stability. The double column lifting mechanism is adopted, and the well-branded motor is used to drive the pallet plate lifting through the double-row chain drive, the tractor on the hoist pulls the hook on one side of the tray to access the storage. The overall structure is simple and generous, and the equipment is easy to disassemble and carry. With precise positioning, stable operation, fast and flexible functions.


The double-column lifting mechanism is adopted to realize the lifting and lowering of the plates on the tray by the double-row chain driving, and the tractor on the lifting machine pulls the hooks on the side of the tray to realize the ingress and egress. It is accurate in positioning, stable in operation, fast and flexible.


It is welded by rectangular tube, and four hooks are welded on both sides of the tray. The guide post on the tray can realize the initial positioning of the sheet.

1.1.4:Loading rack:

It is welded by round bar and can support and position of the whole plate.

1.1.5:  Material storage management system:

It adopts Siemens touch screen industrial computer control, including “plate input, plate output, plate loading, plate unloading, plate input and output record statistics, inventory statistics, inventory warning, fault warning prompts and other interfaces. English interface operation is simple and convenient. It is easy for the operator to learn immediately.

How Does It Work?

The VLS is an automated storage and retrieval system that uses a series of trays and an elevator to store and retrieve metal bar stock. The trays are divided into compartments that can be customized to fit different sizes and shapes of metal bar stock. When a piece of bar stock needs to be retrieved, the elevator retrieves the appropriate tray and brings it to the operator at the opening of the VLS.

Benefits of the Bar Stock Vertical Lift System VLS

  • Increased Efficiency: The VLS allows for quick and easy retrieval of metal bar stock, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Improved Safety: With the VLS, heavy metal bar stock no longer needs to be manually lifted and moved, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Space Optimization: The VLS is designed to maximize vertical storage space, allowing for more efficient use of floor space.
  • Enhanced Inventory Control: The VLS uses a computerized inventory management system that tracks the location and quantity of metal bar stock, improving accuracy and reducing waste.

1.2 Features of the Bar Stock Vertical Lift System VLS:

1.2.1 Customizable Compartments: The VLS can be customized to accommodate different sizes and shapes of metal bar stock.

1.2.2 Automated Retrieval: The VLS uses an automated retrieval system that saves time and reduces the risk of injury.

1.2.3 Computerized Inventory Management: The VLS uses a computerized inventory management system that tracks the location and quantity of metal bar stock.

1.2.4 Computerized Inventory Management: The VLS uses a computerized inventory management system that tracks the location and quantity of metal bar stock.

1.2.5 Using a three-dimensional material warehouse to store plates, saving factory space;
By safely utilizing overhead space with automated wide-span racking, usable inventory capacity can be significantly increased. A closed storage environment prevents material damage during storage and retrieval functions. Reducing bulky static racking and reserved forklift routes can greatly increase storage capacity, allowing you to grow your business without the need for a larger warehouse.

1.2.6 Adopt intelligent management system to quickly grasp the inventory of plates in real time;

1.2.7 One-button start, automatic operation;

1.2.8 Large-capacity storage positions, safe and fast operation;

1.2.9 The professional team is designed to work in the workshops of most factories;

1.2.10 Improve work efficiency;
Increased accessibility and improved product flow will lead to lower costs and a more tangible return on investment as the time required to transition from stored processing decreases. Eliminate interruption of adjacent work cells during the process due to the need for forklift operation. Available integrations with warehouse automation processes further reduce retrieval times, increasing productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

1.2.11 Reduce the risk of injury, and reduce the labor intensity of employees,improve health and safety;

Bar Stock Vertical Lift System VLS can greatly increase workplace safety by providing a safe and controlled delivery method for large and heavy items stored overhead. Due to the integration in warehouse automation, the presence of forklifts is reduced, greatly reducing the possibility of accidents. Eliminates the need to use forklifts for storage and retrieval from static racks at unsafe heights, greatly improving the safety of removing every product touch point.

1.2.12 Reduce product damage
Product damage is an expense that the manufacturer can calculate. Every touch point with a product presents another opportunity for forklift damage, driver error and accidents. Single point storage and integrated retrieval eliminates many possibilities for product damage and is often one of the main factors driving fast and significant ROI and greatly improved efficiency.

1.2.13 Customer satisfaction with automated production site;

1.2.14 On-site 5S management is neat and orderly, and the overall site is convenient for customers to visit;

2. Description of the Bar Stock Vertical Lift System (VLS)

2.1 Adopt advanced foreign design concepts and standard modular design. The shape is beautiful and the atmosphere is easy to install and debug on-site. It consists of a material library, an automatic loading and unloading system, and an electrical control system. Automated production of laser processing.

2.1.1 Material tower

After processing by a rectangular tube gantry milling machine, it is assembled by two main side plates, and the whole machine is assembled by bolts. The lower part of the plate is not equipped with wooden pallets to enhance the storage space of the plates and facilitate the positioning of plates. When the material is replenished, the forklift or the vehicle is used with the loading positioning table to place the plate at the origin of the pallet. At the same time, the material management system automatically records the material specification, material number, quantity and other information, which is the basis for automatically picking up the plate. The bar tray is stored by the hoist in the vacant position of the tower. When a certain size of the bar stock is required, the hoist automatically picks up the material from the corresponding location and exits the warehouse.

2.1.2 Hoist

The Vertical Lift adopts a double-column design, lifting speed: of 0-15 m/min; a translation speed: 0-10 m/min; It consists of the motor and reducer on the top of the hoist, the bearing and the chain on the side of the column. Lift the material tray up and stop at any of the cargo racks in the tower and ensure that the pallet rails are docked between the two. The system accurately identifies the height position of each layer by means of a laser scanner. The translational conveying device completes the feeding and discharging by the driving mechanism installed on the hoisting machine, and drags the tray in the material tower into or out.

2.1.3 Roller tray

The roller tray is formed by pipe welding, which can load 5T, finite element analysis of the pallet, and the positioning pin is mounted on the pallet for positioning of the material; the two sides of the tray have two U-shaped notches, and when the translation device moves, the bar stock pulls The block will hook the U-shaped notch on the tray to realize the tray access to the vertical lift.

2.1.4 Loading positioning table

The loading positioning table is welded by square tube and round bar to realize the support and positioning of the whole plate.

2.2 Work process:

  1. When the material is fed, the forklift or the vehicle is used with the loading positioning table to place the bar stock at the origin position of the tray.
  2. The hoist automatically sends the plates to the empty position of the tower, and the system automatically records the plate information.
  3. When a plate of a certain specification is required for production, the hoist automatically takes the material out of the corresponding location

2.3 Electrical control system

The control system is reasonable in design, simple in operation, beautiful in appearance, and advanced in intelligent storage management and automatic loading and unloading. With the most advanced and mature control systems and technologies, it has high precision, high reliability and high response speed. The lifting mechanism and the translation mechanism softly stop, ensuring control accuracy while reducing noise and inertia. Long-term operation is stable and reliable, with low noise and long life. The components adopt the first-line brand: PLC adopts Siemens with communication function, the inverter adopts Yaskawa, and the PLC software has safety protection and fault alarm reminding function. The program must provide a complete motor protection circuit: in the event of a motor overload, the motor protection circuit will cut off the power supply to the drive and the device will stop. After the fault has been eliminated, the motor can be switched back on by using the motor protection circuit again. Emergency stop device: In an emergency, the device can be stopped immediately by means of an emergency stop switch. The device must not be restarted until the device failure has not been completely eliminated. The man-machine interface has an automatic and manual operation interface, and each interface has an operating state and a fault status indicator to monitor the running status of the device in real time. It is equipped with numeric keys, function keys, running instructions, operation prompts, automatic fault display and other convenient operations.

2.4 Conditions of Use

2.4.1 The equipment control uses many electronic products, and the temperature requirement for the environment is 0 °C-55 °C;

2.4 .2 The electrical control of the equipment is highly precise, and the humidity to the environment is 15 to 90% RH (no condensation);

2.4.3 The equipment uses three-phase five-wire power input. The power supply requirements are phase voltage 380V, voltage fluctuation ±10%;

2.4.4 The frequency requirement of the power supply to the power grid is 50HZ required by the normal power grid, and the frequency fluctuation is ±5%;

2.4. 5 The installation of the three-dimensional material library needs to be the foundation. Please wait for the contract to see the foundation map of our company.

2.5 Communication online

When the bus communicates with the laser machine, the laser machine needs to open the communication signal and send the work instruction. The equipment manufacturer needs to arrange the electric factory division to debug together free of charge. Communication can also be detected by adding sensors.

2.6 Equipment color

The color of our equipment is generally blue and white, and can also be customized according to customer needs. The color code number of the equipment provided by the customer within one week after signing the contract.


The Bar Stock Vertical Lift System (VLS) is an innovative solution for managing metal bar stock inventory. With its automated retrieval system, customizable compartments, and computerized inventory management system, the VLS offers increased efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced inventory control. If you are looking for a cutting-edge solution for managing your metal bar stock inventory, the VLS is the perfect choice.