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KW Provide aging test services for electronic products, adopt the latest innovative test procedures to improve product reliability. The testing technique is based on simulated conditions, which has a considerable margin beyond normal working conditions.

Case Analysis-led energy-saving lamp aging line

Specifications: L800 * W1200 * H28mm
It is made of Δ25mm splint, anti-static rubber surface and rubber edge sealing strip;
The front and rear of the tooling plate are provided with a block and a buffer rubber block.
4 groups of guide wheel devices are arranged along the length of the tooling plate to ensure the smooth operation of the tooling plate.
Two sets of δ3.0* 30 conductive copper bars are arranged at the bottom.
There are 8 sets of four quick connection clips and 8 sets of double multi-function sockets on the top.

Electrical safety protection measures:

  • Protection 1: Use leakage protection switch. When the safety current exceeds personal safety, the power supply will be tripped automatically to cut off the power supply to ensure personal safety.
  • Protection 2: Safety isolation transformer is used for aging power supply to prevent electric shock accident.
  • Protection 3: In order to avoid overload due to aging of equipment, automatic overload detection protection device is installed. When the current exceeds the set value, the equipment will automatically stop aging and prompt the equipment to be in overload protection shutdown state.
  • Protection 4: A short circuit protection switch is installed in each voltage area on the circuit board.

The aging test product line is very important production equipment in the non-standard assembly line industry, and it plays a very important role in improving product quality. Its use range is also very wide, often used in electrical and electronic products, home appliances, such as:

  • LED energy-saving lamp aging line,
  • audio aging conveyors,
  • LCD display aging product line,
  • computer test aging product line.
  • DC motor aging test conveyors