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Roller conveyersystems is a series of rollers supported in a frame. Objects can be moved manually, by gravity, or by poweror other power. The roller conveyor system can be configured with a series of auxiliary equipment including bends, gates and turntables. The equipment works together.

Application fieldsof Roller ConveyorSystems

Roller conveyor systems, due to their adaptability and usage, are widely used in many industries, mainly logistics and manufacturing. There are several industries that roller conveyors are used to include the following examples:

  • Food processing
  • package
  • Logistics
  • Mail delivery service
  • Baggage handling
  • Steel making
  • Manufacturing and design

The Pros and Cons of Gravity Roller Conveyors

Main Pros

Gravity roller conveyersare very effective because they use gravity to move objects. Putting your gravity roller conveyor at a descending angle means you can move a product without any power supply. This is a cost-effectiveness because it means that it does not require any electricity to move goods from a to B, which reduces costs and is more environmentally friendly than powered roller conveyors.

Since no power is required, this reduces the need for maintenance costs, Therefore, again reducing operating costs and time to maintain the conveyor.


However, in some cases, gravity roller conveyors may not be as suitable as powered roller conveyors.

This is because it is difficult to control the speed of the roller conveyor belt,which may cause damage to the goods, for example, if the conveyor belt drops sharply, a heavy item is placed on the system.

The Pros and Cons of Powered Roller Conveyors


Because it is a power system, they can move goods horizontally and remotely within an effective time. The speed can be controlled, so the entire process can be fully controlled, which helps to reduce the risk because of complete control.

The advantage of powered roller conveyors is that they can handle heavier loads, which is why they are usually used in manufacturing.

The power roller conveyor system can be divided into zones, which means that each zone can be individually controlled, allowing each zone to run only when the project exists, which helps reduce costs and improve efficiency.

This again reduces the risk, just as if a motor is damaged or the power to an area stops, only that area will stop and the rest of the system can continue to operate.


Compared with gravity roller conveyers, powered roller conveyor systems are more expensive, but if you need to transport goods over long distances, then the investment is worth it. In the picture below, you can see a roller conveyor system L.A.C. installed here, part of the conveyor system moves the product up and down, reducing the need for personnel and automating the entire process.

Other Types of Roller Conveyors

  • Plastic roller conveyor
  • Belt driven roller conveyor
  • Chain driven roller conveyor
  • Heavy Duty Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyor