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In many situations, you need to move the large objects that are either too heavy or simply too awkward to hang on overhead systems. This is where the strength and simplicity of the Towline system truly shines.

Floor traction conveyor systems usually include a fixed floor conveyor, or above or below the floor level, driving a series of platforms or cars or trolleys around a fixed circuit.

The platform is fixed on the drag chain, while the trolley and trolley are self-supporting and can be separated from the ground conveyor belt by the operator or automatically. The conveyor is usually chain drive, or linear or double plane, driven by a motor.

Usually a mobile cart with a rotating top, the items to be transported are placed on the cart. Depending on the load, speed and preferred configuration, various ground-mounted conveyors are used to push the trolley through this process.

Applications of Towline conveyors systems

  • The finishing line
  • Assembly line
  • Wood Industry — For large or clumsy items that need to be moved during production and finishing, Towline carts provide a convenient way to secure, transport and rotate lumber.

The Towline conveyor system can be used in various applications, and it is an advantageous mobile cart for carrying products. Some products are considered “untransportable” due to their shape, configuration or size. A typical example is the large four-legged furniture.

Advantages of Towline conveyors systems

  • Reliable high performance: Durable, long-life components provide years of optimization when transporting large batches and loads are difficult to pass through the production process.
  • User-friendly: The system is very easy to use-the operator only needs to connect the new carrier chain drag conveyor or remove them. Various operator options simplifies choosing the right operator.
  • Safety: The pre-embedded streamer runs along a fixed route and is clearly marked on the floor. The constant speed and fixed route create a safer working environment, especially in proportion to traditional forklift traffic. Since the system is fully integrated on the floor, the available floor space can be fully utilized.

These Towline conveyors are a more cost-effective way to transport trolleys. The cost savings of the chain on the flat system comes from a simpler chain and can be returned on the same track where the product is passed. However, the chain on a flat surface cannot be bent.

Types of Towline Conveyor System

  • Chain-On-Flat Towline Conveyor System
  • In-Floor Towline Conveyor System
  • Side Finger Towline Conveyor