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A pallet conveyor is industrial equipment designed to facilitate the transportation of goods loaded with metal supports called pallets through a factory or warehouse space. The pallet itself is usually made of wood, even if other raw materials can also be used. The powered conveyor systems can support the weight of lots of goods stacked and fixed on it, and prevent these goods from being damaged or jammed on the pallet conveyor system.

Hytrol belt conveyor will be installed around pulleys, some of which use only support units, and some of the rollers drive the belt. The belt powered conveyor system is very crucial, However, it wears out quickly. The belt must be properly tensioned to avoid the belt from tearing or damage or derailing.

Pallets conveyor systems often have a hinged metal frame that can be folded into an accordion style, or an optional track that can be assembled and disassembled quickly and interchangeably. The key to this type of system is portability: A pallet conveyor system must be stable and usable when installed, and it must be easily disassembled and aligned for storage in a truck, trailer, or other methods of transportation. Damage caused by potential shocks that may occur.

Application of Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors systems have been widely used in beer, beverages, tobacco, medicine, household appliances, machinery manufacturing, and other industrial sectors of the national economy. It can transport all kinds of bulk materials into pieces in a vertical or oblique direction; it can also be used to transport pieces in a production line. Since its load-bearing part and running part are made of metal materials, compared with other conveying machinery, the hytrol conveyor can pallet conveying relatively weighed, larger-grained, highly abrasive materials or finished objects, and is suitable Convey 600~700℃ high-temperature materials or finished objects.

Merits of Pallet Conveyers

  • Wide application range. Except for materials with extremely high viscosity, general solid materials and finished objects can be transported with it.
  • Large conveying capacity. Especially the production capacity of the slab conveyor can be as high as 1000t/h.
  • High traction strength, can be used for long-distance transportation. At present, the use length of domestic pallet conveyors can reach 200m; some of the pallet conveyors used abroad are longer than 1000m.
  • Flexible layout of transmission lines. Compared with belt conveyors, pallet conveyors can be transported under the conditions of a smaller inclination angle and a larger bending radius, so the layout flexibility is greater. The inclination angle of the tray conveyor can reach 30°~35°, and the bending radius is generally 150~300mm.
  • Various processes such as sorting, drying, cooling or assembling can be carried out during the conveying process.
  • Smooth and reliable operation.

Types of Pallet Conveyers

Pallet handling conveyors are not a one-size-fits-all solution for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers. KenWei as a pallet conveyor manufacturer integrates best-in-class technology to meet the unique requirements of your project and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Count on our pallet handling equipment to increase throughput and flexibility while reducing overall operating costs.

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