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Infismash has fifteen years experience, with many customers all over the world. Infismash is an industry-leading manufacturer that paint booth for saledirectly to customers online. we are committed to satisfying the unique needs of each customer through solutions that suit them.

What is a “painting booth”?

Some of the most common items painted in a painting booth are cars, trucks, ships, airplanes, parts, and furniture, and the basic structural design of the painting booth is the same regardless of size, industry, or purpose. The painting booth is either completely enclosed (with walls or doors on all sides) or open front (no walls or doors in front of the painting). The painting spray booth can be a stand-alone work, or it can be included in a conveyor finishing system.

The function of the painting booth

The most important function of the painting spray booth is to prevent excessive painting, thereby protecting your employees and the environment. By restricting hazardous substances in a controlled environment, the painting spray booth can prevent harmful overspray from causing fires or explosions, and ultimately provide a clean environment in which painting can take place.

The enclosed painting spray booth provides a pollution-free environment that can achieve higher quality painting work. Before the air enters the paint spray booth, it will be filtered through a high-efficiency filter to prevent small dust and dust from entering the paint spray booth and landing during the painting work. Cleaning the paint job also means reducing rework, which saves the company valuable time.

Finally, a compliant paint booth must be used for painting to comply with local, state, and national safety regulations established to protect people and the environment.

Parameter List

Items Position Specification
cabinet Water Tank welede by 1.5mm 202/ sranless plate.Full weldling.
footstool for water tank welding 50×50 stainledd steel square box section. M14 adjustable foot cup.
top and side plate bending and welding 1.2mm 202/seainless steel sheets.
plate rear bending and welding 1.2mm 202# seainless steel sheets.
Water Curtain Plate 1.0mm 202# srainless steel sheets
water-cycling system Water Pump 1 set 1HP vertical centrifugal
Pipeline 1.2 inch PVC pipe equipped with the valve
exhaust gas system Wind turbines 1 set of the 3P special centrfugal fan for water booth,air volume is 8500 cubic meter/hour
Air Pipe not included
electrical equipemnt Electric Control Cabinet A set of Elevtricity box,not including the firequency transformer,China famous CHINT brand accessoty
Lighting lighy ues 1pc 40W explosive-proof light with cover
Size W200mm(iner wideth) x D2000mm x H2500mm