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Powder coating rims is a process that can improve the appearance of wheels while reducing overall aesthetic costs. To make it have a new look.
Powder coatings can provide ground particles made of specific pigments and resins. Fuse the surfaces together to form a hard curing agent. The process produces an improved, durable surface that keeps your appearance consistent.

What needs to be done in the process of powder coating rims?

Unlike traditional spraying processes, powder coatings wheels rely on electrical charges to adhere the powder to your vehicle instead of relying on adhesives. Although this may sound extensive, the process is relatively simple and can be completed in as little as an hour. Below, we introduce the steps of powder coating in detail, so you can understand the meaning of this method:

  • The first step-remove the tires, as well as all counterweights and valves. The wheel will be pressure washed to remove any dust and grime, and then placed in a chemical stripping tank to remove the old paint. Then, we will pressure wash the wheels again to make sure the surface is clean.
  • The second step-the wheels will be lightly sandblasted to remove corrosion or stains, and then thoroughly inspected for any damage. Subsequently, the alloy tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding is used to fill the surface of the wheel and the spokes, and then various processing techniques and hand tools are used for processing.
  • The third step-preheat the grinding wheel to 400 degrees in an industrial oven for 20 minutes to degas the alloy, and then apply the powder coating primer. Then cool the grinding wheel to 150 degrees. If you need to customize the color or make it to order, you can paint it and put it back in the oven for 40 minutes for curing. Then apply the final clear coat, and then put the wheel back in the oven at a 200 degree angle for 20 minutes.
  • The fourth step-after cooling down completely, install a new valve on the wheel, reinstall the tire, and electronically balance the wheel. The counterweights will be placed inside the wheels so that they will not deviate from the appearance of high-quality finishes.

The use of KW SuperBooth powder spraying room for powder coating rims has the following dvantages:

  • The powder supply center changes colors quickly.
  • KWSuperBooth super powder spraying room is composed of double-layer PVC engineering plastics, with excellent shell characteristics and strong antistatic performance, uniform spraying film thickness and beautiful appearance.
  • Equipped with a large cyclone secondary recovery system, which can automatically perform anti-pulse cleaning without manual operation.
  • Adopt high-quality conveyor chain and transmission system, stable production and operation, easy to operate, and high degree of automation.
  • Strong versatility, easy to handle various workpieces (steel, aluminum, plastic parts), uniform film thickness, and high pass rate.
  • The ultra-thick rock wool board is used, which has excellent thermal insulation performance, reduces energy loss, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  • In the pretreatment process, the same liquid station and each washing section are backed by water flow, which saves water and reduces waste water discharge, and is more environmentally friendly