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The portable paint booth is a piece of large-scale environmental protection equipment used in conjunction with dust removal and exhaust gas treatment equipment. It is mainly used for painting and polishing large and heavy workpieces. The expansion chamber shrinks, and painting work is carried out in the expansion chamber. After the operation is completed, the telescopic chamber is closed, and the paint product is removed by driving.

Features and advantages of the portable paint booth

  • Practical products developed specifically to solve the problem of moving large workpieces, simplifying the production process, eliminating the need to transport the workpieces around the large workpieces in the workshop.
  • A frame-driven structure, each frame is sealed with flame-retardant PVC cloth, which can be installed quickly and has a beautiful appearance.
  • In the portable spray booth, the rails laid on the ground move forward and backward and are driven by both sides to operate in an interlocking manner, with safety limit control, safe and stable mechanical operation, simple operation, and convenient use.
  • Explosion-proof lighting is installed in the mobile paint booth to meet the lighting needs in production.
  • When without painting, the front rooms can be put together to free up space for other processes that intersect with the paint.
  • According to the actual production needs of customers, we can customize various types of non-standard sizes(Diy spray booth).

The portable paint booth applications

  • Enclosed or semi-enclosed paint booth and spray drying booths
  • Polishing room
  • Clean the assembly room
  • Clean the paint booth
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance room
  • Drying room, retractable mobile roof
  • Warehouse (cargo, vehicles, airplanes, etc.)
  • Other workplaces that need to be temporarily closed or semi-enclosed

Auxiliary configuration: emergency exit of lighting equipment, warning safety device, exhaust device, dust, and waste purification device, cold and hot air supply device, air conditioning control system device, etc.