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KW pallet conveyor ensures efficient cargo handling. All stages, including pallets and net cages, have been reliably moved to the correct destination, suitable for your new or existing production line automatic pallet distribution solution.

Pump conveyor solutions | Pallet conveyor assembly line

  1. The pallet conveyor adopts a double-layer structure: the upper crawler is made of heavy aluminum alloy profiles, the steel is multiple chains, the side is equipped with a stainless steel protection plate, and the upper runner bottom plate is made of stainless steel bending; the lower layer is the tooling plate return conveyor line, light aluminum alloy The profile is conveyed in the form of nylon multi-chain.
  2. Both ends of the main body of the pipeline are equipped with a backpack-type lifting platform to ensure that the tool board is transferred between the upper and lower main pipelines, and the side is equipped with a counterweight, and the side sealing plate is equipped with a switch door, which can be removed for maintenance.
  3. The line stopper is equipped with a special plug, which can withstand the impact of a 100KG workpiece. The blocker is controlled by the solenoid valve + button combination mode.
  4. The wire bracket is mainly made of 40 * 80 aluminum alloy, and the horizontal adjustment screw is installed under the bent frame.
  5. Conveyor line transmission speed: the upper layer is at a constant speed of 5m/min, and the lower layer is at a constant speed of 10m/min.
  6. The station is equipped with LED lights, electric fans, tool hooks and sliding guides, stainless steel partitions, processing plates, blockers, power sockets, gas pipes, etc.

Palletized conveyor technical parameters

  1. The total length of the line is about 16000mm = 1200mm / station *10 stations + 1200mm * 2 stations (head and tail) + 800mm + 800mm (including both ends of the lifting platform)
  2. The effective width of the circuit tool board is approximate: 450 mm
  3. The height of the upper surface of the mold from the ground: 750±20mm
  4. Transmission mode: the upper and lower two layers are driven by 1.5 bang 1.5KW integrated gear motor
  5. Control method: adopt Mitsubishi PLC system, low-voltage electrical appliances adopt Schneider and Omron brands

Pallet handling conveyor station configuration

  1. The palletizing conveyor has 10 sets of hooks and sliding guides, which are used to hang pneumatic tools above each station. This design is convenient for operators to operate across stations.
  2. The pallet conveyor has a pneumatic system on the top of the production line. Each station requires a set of 6 air inlets and is equipped with a quick-change connector with a total length of 28 meters. The total air inlet is equipped with a set of oil-water separators to protect the production life of pneumatic tools and pneumatic components.
  1. The pallet conveyor has a set of process kanban brackets above each station of the main body of the production line. The process kanban is made of steel plate bending, totaling 10 sets.
  2. There are two sets of multi-function sockets under the line body, a total of 10 sets, and there are circuit protection devices for undervoltage and overcurrent.
  3. There is a set of LED lights above each station of the line body, and there are 10 sets of independent control switches, and under-voltage and overcurrent circuit protection devices are required.
  4. There is a set of beautiful electric fans above each station of the circuit body, a total of 10 sets, and requires undervoltage and overcurrent circuit protection devices.
  5. The pallet conveyor system has two sets of emergency stop and rescue switches on the entire production line. The upper and lower ends are required to effectively control the running and stopping of the line body in a short time and improve the assembly quality of the line body.
  6. The pallet conveyor is equipped with a single-layer tooling board, the bottom specification is 450mm long * 350mm wide * 18mm thick single-layer PVC tooling board, the number is 26.
  7. There is a set of baffles in front of the main body of the pallet conveyor, the baffles are made of 2mm stainless steel, and the wear is made of 20mm stainless steel.

Pallet conveyors are essential for smooth and efficient operation. If your product is standardized and mass-produced, you must have a pallet conveyor. They can keep your overall operations organized and transparent and can help you complete consignment sales and goals on time to stay ahead of your competitors.