What Is Powder Coating & Painting?

Powder coating and painting is an important part of modern process manufacturing technology. Anti rust and anti-corrosion coating quality is one of the important aspects of the overall quality of products. After the finished product of metal and nonmetal, in order to prevent rust, spray a layer of anti rust powder coating paint on its surface to increase its service life. Product appearance quality not only reflects the product protection and decoration performance, but also constitutes an important factor of product value.

Powder coater is a system engineering, which includes three basic processes: surface treatment, coating process and drying before coating, reasonable design of coating system, selection of suitable steel powder coating painting, determination of good working environment, quality, process management and technical economy. With continuous self-improvement, development, KW CONVEYORS has made great progress in powder coating spray paint. The main goal of our powder painting is to reduce pollution, energy conservation and emission reduction, improve process, improve coating decoration, protection and functionality, as well as the generalization, serialization and automation of coating equipment.

KW CONVEYORS Can Design The Best Conveyor Powder Painting & Coating

KW CONVEYORS specialized in manufacturing high performance conveyor powder coating and painting suppliers, had professional experienced in the field of powder coating booth, electrostatic painting spray-painting, dip painting, plating, e-coating, powder coating, sandblasting and cleaning. We engage in manufacturing electrostatic powder coating equipment for your business, that can produced and applied more efficiently. At our reliable spray powder painting factory find out what’s the best powder painting system for your industrial coating applications.

Features Of Our Powder Painting & Coating

  1. Protection: protect metal, wood, stone and plastic from light, rain, dew, water and other media. Metal powder coating is one of the most convenient and reliable protection methods, which can protect objects and prolong their service life.
  2. Decorative function: powder coater can make objects “put on” a beautiful coat, with luster, luster and smoothness. The beautified environment and objects make people feel beautiful and comfortable.
  3. Special function: after the spry powder coating is applied on the object, the surface of the object can have the functions of fireproof, waterproof, antifouling, temperature indication, heat preservation, stealth, electric conduction, insecticidal, bactericidal, luminous and reflective.