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We are the industry leader in designing a custom oven, heater, and furnace. Our oven system is high-quality, efficient, and low maintenance. We also provide product thermal testing and analysis functions to ensure that the oven design is accurate for your specific application.

Industrial ovens

Industrial ovens are widely used to bake chemical gases and food processing items to be baked. Common applications include electronics, motors, communications, electroplating, plastics, hardware chemicals, instruments, printing, pharmaceuticals, PC boards, powder, spraying, precision baking, drying, curing, molding, glass, wooden building materials processing, etc. . At the same time, it is also suitable for industrial and agricultural production workshops or laboratories, plastic machinery, universities, and scientific research departments.

The different types of industrial ovens are electric heating, diesel heating, natural gas heating.

Electric heating curing oven

The air circulation system of the oven adopts a fan circulating air supply method, and the hot air is circulated uniformly and efficiently. The air source is driven by a circulating air supply motor to drive the wind wheel through the heating pipe, and then sends out the hot air, and then reaches the oven chamber through the air duct. The used air is sucked into the air duct to circulate as a wind source and is heated and used again. The indoor temperature is uniform. When the temperature value swings due to the opening and closing of the door, the air supply circulation system will quickly restore the operating state of the oven until it reaches the set temperature value. The temperature range of an ordinary hot air circulating oven is from room temperature to +250°C, while the temperature range of the high-temperature type is from room temperature to +500°C.

Diesel heating curing oven

Diesel heating curing oven and drying box: use diesel as an energy source. It consists of a heat exchange oven and the main drying oven. The outer layer of the oil-fired oven is made of a high-quality steel structure. The thickness of the insulating layer is 100 mm. The oven has the advantages of good heat preservation effect and durability. When the temperature in the drying box is 200-300°C, the surface temperature of the drying box does not exceed 60°C.

Natural gas heating curing oven

Natural gas heating curing oven, which uses natural gas as an energy source and consists of a heat exchange furnace and a main electric heating tube. The outer layer of the liquefied gas oven is made of a high-quality cold steel plate. The inner layer and heat exchanger are made of stainless steel. The insulating layer is made of rock wool and asbestos material. The thickness of the layer is at most 100 mm. The oven has the advantages of good heat preservation effect and durability. When the temperature in the oven is 200-400°C, the surface temperature does not exceed 60°C. The internal temperature accuracy reaches a tolerance of 2 degrees, and the temperature in the oven is uniform.

Note: Non-standard sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.