Box file folder carousel

Infismash Box folder carousel

The carousel for binders

Efficient, secure management of files on a minimal footprint while guaranteeing quick access.

Gone are the days of filing boxes and dusty shelves lining the walls!

Today’s requirements for modern office organizations include ensuring less expensive office space, optimizing usage capacity, and quickly accessing files. The carousel principle has a clear advantage over traditional filing systems: the files are handed over to the operator, rather than the operator processing the file. This brings benefits: workflows speed up and thus become more efficient and cost-effective!

Make full use of the height of the room and reduce office space requirements by up to 60%!

Vertical carousels are an increasingly popular way to store and organize folders for a variety of industries. A vertical carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system that combines internal rails and elevator lift mechanisms with a series of shelves or drawers to store and rotate cases in a vertical orientation. This system is ideal for any space-saving and efficient storage solution that requires quick and easy access to stored materials and documents.

Vertical carousels are designed to reduce the time and effort required to retrieve items. The system eliminates the need to manually search shelves or drawers and instead provides a range of options to quickly locate items. Among the options available, vertical conveyors use barcode scanners to instantly identify and locate items. This is especially useful in industries such as archival, medical, pharmaceutical or manufacturing, where products must be tracked and located quickly and accurately.

The Vertical carousels can also be used as a secure storage solution for file folders. Each file folder can be tracked and secured by using the integrated RFID tagging system. This type of system is ideal for businesses that require a secure storage environment, such as government agencies, banks, or insurance companies. An integrated RFID tagging system enables accurate tracking of all stored items and provides a secure environment for storing confidential documents.

Vertical carousels are also a cost-effective solution for businesses that require space-saving and efficient storage systems. By eliminating the need for manual retrieval and storage, businesses can save money and increase operational efficiency. Additionally, the system requires minimal maintenance and is designed for a variety of applications, making it an attractive option for many businesses.

Vertical carousels are popular in a variety of industries, including retail, libraries, and warehouses. In a retail environment, a vertical carousel can efficiently store items like clothing, books, and tools. In a library, the carousel can be used to store and manage books and other media. In a warehouse, it can be used to store and access products, parts, and tools.

The vertical carousel is a cost-effective way to store and access items, since it requires only a small footprint and requires minimal maintenance. It also offers the advantage of being able to move items from one level to the next quickly and easily. In addition, it provides improved safety, as the carousel is enclosed and the items on the shelves are secured.

Overall, the vertical carousel is an efficient and space-saving way to store and manage box-style folders. It is a great solution for businesses looking to maximize their storage space, while providing improved safety, faster access to items, and minimal maintenance.

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Plus 300 mm for the work counter, mounted at a height of 850 mm.


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Plus 300 mm for the work counter, mounted at a height of 850 mm.