With the recurrence of the new crown epidemic, the global supply chain is facing unprecedented impact, leading to the stronger economic strength of enterprises to pay more attention to low-cost automatic paint spraying production line, weakening the traditional manual labor. The so-called low-cost automatic paint spraying production line is a one-time input and output capacity combined with the traditional labor capacity compared to the conclusion reached.

As early as 2008 when the financial crisis broke out, some countries have realized this and put robots into production, thus minimizing the cost of labor in production, and some countries are slowly improving the application of automation and intelligence only after the crisis. China’s spray painting industry faced with the epidemic, although the economy was severely affected, the second half of the year orders were restored to pre-epidemic levels, and the only thing that changed was that most of them adopted automatic painting lines, reducing the number of workers by half or even a third. Robots have been used to replace manual labor in harsh or hazardous environments, and the only person that can be seen on the entire automated paint line is acting as coordinating supervisors. The rapid flow of products and stable spraying by robots has led to improved quality across the line, doubled production capacity, and greatly increased order-bearing capacity compared to before.

From a macro point of view, the automatic painting production line will certainly be the trend, but companies must not blindly follow the trend, must be based on their own needs and affordability to choose the degree of automation of the painting line, not just the pursuit of advanced, to adhere to the principle of “suitable for their own development”, a steady fight to do.

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