In recent years, the automated three-dimensional warehouse is very popular, but what is the automated three-dimensional warehouse, what is its role and significance?
Automated three-dimensional warehouse operations three-dimensional warehouse equipment to achieve high-level rationalization, access automation, its operation simplicity; the automated three-dimensional warehouse is currently a relatively high level of technology, the main body of the automated three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, aisle stacking cranes, access workbenches and automatic transport into and operation control system synthesis, shelves are made of steel or reinforced concrete structure of the building The shelf is a steel or reinforced concrete building or structure, the shelf is a standard size cargo space inside, and the aisle stacking crane travels through the aisle between the shelves to complete the work of storage and retrieval of goods. Control on the choice of computer and bar cod.

1. Automated three-dimensional warehouse automated three-dimensional warehouse
The automated three-dimensional warehouse is also known as vertical warehouse, high-rise shelf warehouse, automatic storage AS / RS (Automatic storage / retrieval system). It is a high-rise three-dimensional shelves (pallet system) storage materials, the use of electronic computer control machine and manual control of the combination of the aisle type lifting equipment to pick up and send goods to a new type of warehouse. The function of the warehouse from the simple storage and storage of materials, to the development of the acceptance of materials, classification, calculation, packaging, sorting distribution, archiving, and other functions. This helps to achieve high-efficiency logistics and large capacity storage, can adapt to the needs of modern production and commodity circulation.
The automated three-dimensional warehouse is an important part of production logistics. Production logistics is from the procurement of raw materials, through the basic manufacturing process of conversion activities, and finally formed with a certain value of finished products, and will be transported to the finished goods warehouse or users. Materials undergo a series of material entities such as procurement, warehousing, acceptance, storage, processing, and manufacturing, into the finished goods warehouse and finished goods out of the dynamic flow process, which includes the storage link.

2. The use of an automated three-dimensional warehouse, make full use of space
The automated three-dimensional warehouse is an important part of modern warehousing, the use of multi-storey storage of goods on high shelves warehouse system, the height can reach more than 30 meters, according to the need to set up different types of high shelves: high-level (greater than 12 meters), mid-level (5 a 12 meters), low-level (5 meters below). This can save nearly 70% of the floor space compared with flat storage.

3. Scientific reserves, improve the level of material regulation
As a warehouse, it should first have the function of storage. Under the management and control of the automated system, the material can be managed scientifically, so that the material in the storage process of rational use of various resources, improve processing efficiency, and adapt to a variety of storage requirements.

4. To achieve mechanization, automation
Automated three-dimensional warehouse system consists of shelves, stacker cranes, access conveyors, automatic control systems and management information systems, etc., can automatically complete the access operations of goods in accordance with the instructions, and automated management of goods in the warehouse, so that material handling warehousing more reasonable. Due to the use of shelf storage, and combined with computer management, can easily realize the first-in-first-out, send old storage new in and out of the principle, to prevent the natural aging of goods, deterioration, rust, and other phenomena.

5. Effective linkage between production and inventory
As an intermediate link in the production process, it should have the function of buffer storage for raw materials, work-in-progress and finished products. Under the self-transportation and mechanized equipment processing, the degree of self-transportation is increased and the inventory cycle of various materials is shortened, thus reducing the total cost.

6. Appropriate processing, rational use of resources to improve efficiency
Many warehouses more or less undertake some processing tasks, such as assembly for storage, packaging before shipment, etc.. It can improve the utilization rate of raw materials, user-friendly, improve processing efficiency and equipment utilization, and give full play to the highest efficiency of various means of transport. Through the storage link, it can organically combine production and needs, reduce the blindness of production, make full use of existing resources, thus improving the responsiveness to market changes, reducing losses, and easy to win in the fierce market competition.

7. Reduce the reliance on manual demand
As a result of the adoption of automation technology, automated warehousing can adapt to the dark, toxic, low temperature, and other special material warehouse operations occasions.

8. For the enterprise’s production command and decision-making to provide an effective basis
The automated warehouse is often also an important part of the enterprise information system, business leaders according to the inventory information to develop appropriate strategies and plans to command, monitor, and adjust the actions of the enterprise. At present, loading and unloading and storage operations, that is, logistics operations in the national economy occupy a large number of labor, logistics work mechanization and automation of the main advantages, lies in improving labor productivity and saving labor resources. China has established a certain number of automated warehouses in recent years in industrially developed areas.