Medical substances and consumables are related to the safety of patients’ lives, and the standardization and information management of materials and consumables play a pivotal role in clinical nursing.

The intelligent control system functions of the smart medical storage cabinets, medical consumable storage cabinet, and medical drug storage cabinet include a human-computer interactive display system, WIFI/GPRS communication system, power management system, alarm system, embedded processor system, PC remote monitoring system, data storage and query system, GPS positioning system.

Medical Intelligent Storage Cabinet Control System – Smart Hospital Drug Cabinet System Components and Functions

1. Embedded processing system

Embedded processor: rich interface, low power consumption, small size, according to the functional requirements can select different processing power of the core processor, the peripheral interface is:

RS232, RS485, CAN, SPI, IO control, I2C, Ethernet, 4G, GPS, WIFI, LCD display, etc.

2. Intelligent unlocking system

The system is equipped with: RFID unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, PC control unlocking and mobile phone unlocking.

3. Data storage, uploading, query system

The system stores the local environment information, and every time the environment information is uploaded, the control end can send a request to query the environmental information.

4. Collection system of environmental information

The sensors in the cabinet can be selected according to the actual application: temperature and humidity sensors, pressure sensors, liquid level sensors, gas concentration sensors, etc.

Set the alarm range of environmental parameters, and transmit it to the PC or mobile phone, or set it remotely through the PC or mobile phone.

5. Remote communication system

The smart cabinet adopts a private communication protocol, and obtains the environmental parameters, storage status, setting management authority and alarm parameters, and location information of the smart cabinet through the communication system. using a variety of

method of communication. For example, choose WIFI communication, 4G communication, zigbee communication, etc.

6. Power management system

According to the use environment of the smart cabinet, different power systems are selected. The cabinets that are frequently moved require battery power supply, and the battery charge and discharge management system can be selected for communication.

7. Alarm system

When the environmental data exceeds the preset range, the system will alarm. There are many ways to alarm: sending a critical attack information to the upper computer, texting an alarm, and connecting to the local security system.

8. Human-computer interaction system

The LED display will inform the environmental parameters of the system at that time (temperature and humidity, light…), door lock information, etc.

9. Positioning system

When transporting, the system will provide positioning information, which can be displayed on mobile phones, LEDs, and PCs

10. Remote control system

This system has mobile phone remote monitoring and PC remote monitoring. Some parameters in the system (temperature and humidity alarm upper and lower limits, and some parameters of equipment properties can be changed by communicating with the communication system in the box). ) to query device information.