When it comes to the role of industrial ovens, many of us should not be unfamiliar with them. The demand for industrial ovens in industrial production is increasing. Industrial ovens are mainly used for drying various industrial materials and have become a necessity in industrial production. How do industrial ovens work? How do industrial ovens work? Here’s what KENWE shares with you!

How do industrial ovens work? What is the working principle of an industrial oven?
When an industrial oven is in operation, the operator obtains the internal temperature of the oven through instruments and temperature sensors, which are then operated through the control system. The hot air circulation heating method of the industrial oven has a better gas flow compared to the normal heat dissipation heating method, which speeds up the drying of the material in the industrial oven.

Hot air circulation system
The hot air circulation system of the industrial ovens consists of an air supply motor, air wheel, and electric heater. The air supply motor drives the air wheel to send out cold air, which is heated by the electric heater and then enters the oven studio of the industrial oven via the air duct. The hot air circulation system in industrial ovens helps to improve the uniformity of the air temperature. In the process of opening and closing the oven door to transport materials, the temperature value will be affected by changes, and the uniformity of the hot air circulation system will help to restore the temperature value in the working state within the maximum speed.

Horizontal and vertical hot air circulation
Industrial ovens control the temperature through the connection of a digital display and a temperature sensor, using a hot air circulation system, which is divided into horizontal and vertical. The air source is driven by the air motor running through the electric heater, which sends the hot air to the air duct and then into the oven studio, and the used air is sucked into the air duct to become the air source and heated again. If the door is opened or closed during use, the air circulation system can be used to quickly restore the operating temperature value.

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