An automated production line is a form of production organization in which the production process is realized by a system of automated machines. It is formed on the basis of the further development of the continuous assembly line. The task of workers on the automated production line is only to adjust, supervise and manage the automatic line without participating in the direct operation, all machines and equipment run according to a uniform beat and the production process is highly continuous. Sharing with you the characteristic advantages of the automated production line in detail here.

The automatic motor assembly line can constitute a complete system because it is a combination of sensing technology, drive technology, mechanical technology, interface technology, computer technology, and other technologies, the automation production line has a variety of production needs in various countries, effective integration and organization to optimize the overall equipment, the automation production line is derived from the traditional flow production line, but its effectiveness is far better than the traditional flow The main feature is that the automated production line has very high automation control and precise production rhythm which is not found in the traditional production line, it is a unified automatic control system and its work should be completed in accordance with the specified process sequence.

In different applications, different types of automatic lines have different structures, sizes, and functions, and they basically contain five parts: detection, mechanical body, information processing, input and output interface parts, and actuators. But no matter which kind of automatic line, it must be able to realize control, operation, drive, and detection in function, and the control function is done by electronic devices.

In the production of a motor production line, all sensors are used to detect signals, and the control device then calculates, transforms, and stores the detection signals, and then gives instructions to the actuator through its interface circuit to achieve the corresponding work. The sensors detect the signals of position, temperature, pressure, flow, etc. on the production line to let the information processing parts analyze and process them, and the driving function is realized by the hydraulic cylinder motor, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, manipulator, and other executive parts. Its mechanical part is the main part of the automatic production line.

The products produced by using the automatic line should have a large enough output; the product design and process should be advanced, stable and reliable, and remain basically unchanged for a longer period of time. The automatic line can improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve labor conditions, reduce production area, lower production cost, shorten production cycle, ensure balanced production, and have significant economic benefits in mass and mass production.

The automatic production line automatically operates or controls the process according to the prescribed procedures or instructions without any intervention, and its goal is “stable, accurate and fast”. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, the military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medicine, services, and the home. The use of automatic production line can not only liberate people from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor, and harsh and dangerous working environment but also expand the functions of human organs, which can greatly improve the productivity of labor and enhance the ability of the human to understand and transform the world.