Vertical Carousels are essential storage equipment for modern offices. According to the surface treatment process of the vertical carousels, they can be divided into titanium-plated cabinets, plastic-sprayed cabinets, and chrome-plated cabinets. The maintenance methods of vertical carousels of different materials are also slightly different. Generally, high-quality titanium-plated furniture is not easy to rust because of the stability of titanium. Of course, just in case, it is necessary to wipe the furniture frequently to avoid contact with moisture.

In order to meet the needs of the majority of users for the modern management of archives and data, the vertical carousel is equipped with a “network control and management program” for the network-controlled CNC archives data cabinet. This program is a supporting software for network-controlled CNC file data cabinets. Its functions integrate personnel files, business data management and automatic control of CNC file data cabinets, realizing the standardization and automation of the storage and management of personnel files and business data.

The mechanical structure of the intelligent automated vertical carousel is scientifically and rigorously designed. It consists of skin, skeleton, transmission, storage unit, operation and other parts. The materials required for the machine are all purchased from domestic first-line brands. The metal parts are processed by high-quality CNC metal laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC drilling tower punch and other computer intelligent processing. The processing error process is guaranteed to be within ±0.1 mm. Other parts are designed as replaceable standard styles for mold processing. The leather surface is electrostatically sprayed with high-quality powder.

The photoelectric safety protection system of the network-controlled CNC filing cabinet can ensure the safety of users. When the equipment is running normally, if the staff accidentally puts his hand into the cabinet, the photoelectric protection device can automatically cut off the power supply and the equipment will stop running immediately. After the rotary library uses this equipment, it brings great convenience to the management of archives. The device has four operation modes: network control management program network centralized control, single library automatic control, single vertical carousel electric control, hand control and so on.

1. The operation of the automatic control of the vertical carousel and lift is used. The operator first turns on the power, presses the open automatic door button to open the storage cabinet door, and turns the operation mode selection knob to the automatic selection position. Then set the required number of layers on the automatic control panel of the workbench. After the digital display value on the display matches the number of layers selected, press the OK button to complete the setting. Press the execute key, the equipment will automatically search according to the required number of layers, and smoothly run the required layer to the front of the workbench.

2. The operation and use of the electric control of the vertical carousels. The operator first turns on the power, presses the open automatic door button to open the warehouse door, turns the operation mode selection knob to the electric position, and presses the “up” or “down” button, the cargo box shelf can run up or down .

3. When the power is cut off, the hand crank device can be activated if the data is urgently needed. The operator inserts the handle into the hand crank and turns it clockwise or counterclockwise as needed.

4. The operation of the rotary library “Network Control Management Program”. The program has many functions such as centralized control of NC layer selection carousel, management of archives and safety protection.