The market has a lot of intelligent pan library filing cabinet, some with barcode, some choose two-dimensional code picture, but can guarantee the application of Internet of things technology RFID pan library filing cabinet technical, and pan library success rate of more than 100% of the filing cabinet or very little. At this stage there is a RFID tin file cabinet is able to maintain the pan library, and can be accurately positioned, size and basic general tin file cabinet the same, there is a main cabinet and vice cabinet composition, this is very suitable for a small amount of archival data storage, pan library, accurate positioning of the actual effect is very good, you can apply a scan gun.

RFID Radio Frequency Real Time Filing Cabinet – What Advantages The RFID Real-time Filing Cabinet Have?

  1. RFID radio frequency real-time filing cabinet is the more excellent at this stage, RFID frequency radio frequency instant pan library file cabinet intelligent management system can maintain real-time monitoring system for archival materials, accurate positioning to the box, if put into archival materials, or take down archival materials, the system software is automatically updated, the file folder can be casually put into all 1 group of file cabinet of a layer of all 1 space character, database The content of the statistical data part information in the query of this archival material, that is, the automatic update, without manual service filing changes.
  2. The actual operation does not have to rely on another read and write ability machine equipment, can momentarily monitor the archival data take down, put in and part information content, and in the upper computer system upgrade basic information, and fully automatic storage, automatic update archival data summary record, statistical data upgrade only must 5-8 seconds. Able to docket books at any time and anywhere. Maintains the chaotic placement of archival materials and orderly management methods.  
  3. When you send an order to view a file according to the file management system, the file cabinet that receives the order operates a storage dialog, the LED flashes and the file is taken down, the database query is then upgraded. The database query is then upgraded.