A simple understanding of smart file storage cabinets will reveal their subtleties of them.
Intelligent file storage cabinets are also usually seen as intelligent archives intensive shelves, belonging to a kind of intensive cabinet. Each enterprise unit for its important document storage is more important, and there are many belonging to enterprise confidential documents, that can not be divulged. But each project is carried out plus the daily operation of the enterprise, the file is also increasing if the use of ordinary file management way will inevitably be inefficient, and the emergence of intelligent file storage cabinet just solve this problem.
Intelligent management of archives to achieve real hands-free.
Intelligent archive dense shelves are intelligent technology products combined with internet technology, which only require staff to run around intelligent archive storage cabinets remotely by controlling multiple terminal devices. To achieve the freeing of hands is to show that unlike manual storage cabinets and electric storage cabinets like in the use of traditional operation, intelligent file storage cabinets are the new file management way of this era.
The advantages and disadvantages of the compact shelf filing cabinet? Why use intelligent filing cabinets?
There are many types of dense shelf filing cabinets, hand-shaken filing cabinets and intelligent filing cabinets with different functions. Intelligent filing cabinets are what is normally referred to as intelligent filing cabinets, based on hand-shaken filing cabinets with an upgraded intelligent filing system. The use of intelligent filing cabinets has certain requirements for the operation and use of the intelligent system. However, after mastering the intelligent system, you can improve the efficiency of archive management.
Why use intelligent filing cabinets?

  1. Save archive storage space, and improve the efficiency of archive management. The biggest feature of the dense filing cabinet is intensive, using the dense nature of the filing cabinet arrangement to make reasonable and effective use of the space available in the archive room. Through intelligent automatic management to improve the efficiency of file management.
  2. Move more convenient and fast. According to the working principle of the intelligent filing cabinet intelligent system, only need to press the display button on the filing cabinet or computer operation instructions, and you can automatically open and close the intelligent filing cabinet shelf body. In some special emergency power outages, you can also achieve the purpose of switching intelligent mobile file cabinets by shaking the rocking handle.
  3. Intelligent file cabinet function characteristics are mainly reflected in the intelligent software system control. The intelligent system of intelligent filing cabinet is designed through superior information technology to improve the intelligent function of the system, which can carry out the uploading and downloading of the database information, data docking, management of the background control of the shelf, information query and other operations. Give the use of intelligent filing cabinets to customers with comfortable, efficient use of services.
    Many partners buy intelligent mobile filing cabinets for this reason, but for intelligent products, one of the biggest drawbacks is that the price is more expensive, intelligent filing cabinets are more expensive than the general hand-shake filing cabinets, which is also the reason why many purchasers are on the fence, slow to make a decision. But for use, the intelligent filing cabinet is the first choice for intensive archival equipment!