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What problems may be encountered during spray painting production?


In recent years, the application of coating equipment has come to the relevant industrial production, and many problems in the application of coating equipment have followed. For example, machine equipment problems, practical operational problems, and the like. Today, people come to talk about a lot of difficult problems with painting equipment and how to deal with them.

1. The production volume can’t reach the design plan of the party program: Some design plans do not take into account the hanging method, do not consider the hanging interval, do not consider the ups and downs, the level bend intervention, the manufacturing time does not take into account Qualification rate, machine equipment utilization rate, and peak production volume of goods. The production volume is not up to the design program of the party.

2, the processing time is not enough: some design plans in order to reduce the project cost, according to reducing the processing time to exceed the purpose. Commonly, the former solution is insufficient for a period of time, resulting in stringing; the drying time is not taken into account when drying, which leads to poor dry solids; insufficient spraying leveling time leads to insufficient leveling of the paint layer; water cooling after drying Insufficient, steel parts are overheated when spraying (or lower parts).

3. The design of the overhead conveyors is not good: There are various methods for conveying steel parts, and the design scheme is not good. It has adverse effects on the production volume, the actual operation of the processing technology, and the left and right parts. It is common to have a suspension chain conveyor, and its load working capacity and traction belt working ability must be calculated and interfered with the drawing. The speed of the drive chain also has relative regulations for the equipment and equipment. The coating equipment also requires the unit root inspection and synchronism of the drive chain.

4. machine equipment motor selection is not good: because the provisions of the goods are not the same, the machine selection of the machine equipment is also very different, and a variety of machinery and equipment have their advantages, but also its defects. When designing the solution, it is not possible to show the customer that it is unsatisfactory after manufacturing. For example, in the powder coating curing oven, the air curtain is insulated, and the steel parts specified by the cleanliness level are not equipped with a lampblack purifier. This inaccuracy is the most common incorrect powder coating.

5. the main parameters of the processing technology of machinery and equipment are poorly selected: today’s coating line is more common because the main parameters of the processing techniques are not correct. First, the main parameters of each machine equipment design scheme are low-limit, and the second is to the machine equipment system software. The lack of matching is highly valued, and the third is that there is no design plan to thoroughly shoot the skull.

6.  supporting facilities, machinery and equipment missing: coating line related to more machinery and equipment, sometimes in order to reduce the price, it will save some of the machinery and equipment. It also failed to show the customer, leading to kicking the ball. There are pre-resolved heating equipment, automatic spraying equipment, source machinery equipment, exhaust piping equipment, environmental protection machinery, etc.

7. The environmental protection and energy-saving problems of machinery and equipment have not been taken into consideration: today, the energy price has changed rapidly, and when designing the scheme, this kind of problem cannot be considered, and the customer’s product cost is high. Some customers have to renew the transformation and repair within a short period of application. Introduce equipment.

Perhaps the maintenance of the spray painting equipment is very important, and proper maintenance of the painting equipment can give full play to the actual effect!