At present, under the demand of continuous upgrading and transformation of various professions, this fire of new retail can be said to be more and more prosperous, and now the flame of new retail has also started to touch the pharmaceutical profession, and the new retail of medicine has gradually become the new darling of the profession.
 With the increase in customer demand for pharmaceutical retailing, the existing hospitals, pharmacies and other traditional drug purchasing channels are increasingly unable to satisfy their needs, mainly for the following reasons.
  1. the demand for medicine is sudden
  Generally speaking, people’s demand for medicines is somewhat sudden. When you go to the hospital, you will often encounter a lot of people queuing up, and once you encounter the urgent situation of medication, customers will be at a loss.
  2. Gaps in the night-time drug sales market
  Due to cost issues, there are basically few pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day. If a customer has a minor illness such as a cold or fever at night, and does not have to go to the hospital for emergency treatment, he or she usually needs to wait until the next day to go back, thus missing the best opportunity to use the medicine and aggravating the condition.

 Now, according to the new retail approach to medicine, smart medicine cabinets can handle the needs of customers’ medication.
  The smart medicine cabinet is a self-help way to purchase medicine, which can realize customers’ 24-hour medication needs, and can also supply more extended service services such as appointment purchase, online consultation, Chinese medicine decoction delivery, etc., building a new scenario for customers to purchase medicine.
For example, if a customer has a need for medicine late at night and the pharmacy has suspended operations, he or she can simply buy the medicine through the smart medicine cabinet in the community and get the medicine he or she needs; if a customer is taking prescription drugs for a long time and suffers inconvenience from a trip to the hospital, he or she can simply upload the prescription list issued by the doctor in the scanning area of the smart medicine cabinet and place the order through the system in the mobile phone, which can be delivered to the home on the same day after confirmation by the customer service. The smart medicine cabinet also supplies Chinese medicine decoction, delivery, and online video consultation with professional doctors.

Will the smart medicine cabinet become a new windfall for new pharmaceutical retail?
 1.The way of surplus is considerable
  In addition to the surplus from the operation of smart medicine cabinets, there are additional profits to be made. Through the use of interactive screen advertising to establish communication with customers, to help brands create more interactive scenarios to improve the conversion rate of sales.
  With the current relaxation of policies in the pharmaceutical retail industry, the advantages of smart medicine cabinets will become more and more obvious as labour costs and land costs continue to rise, and there will be a big market in the future.
  2. Fitting the needs of customers
In the new retail era, people’s consumption habits are becoming more and more diversified and personalised. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet, smart medicine cabinets are more accepted among customers for their convenience.

  Entrepreneurs want to select intelligent medicine cabinet project, should also pay attention to the following aspects of the problem:
  1. professional medication counseling
  Medicine is different from snacks and household goods, it is related to personal health, is a special product. Intelligent medicine cabinet into the business needs to be added on top of the medication counseling, conditions allow, but also open expert advice, add customers intelligent medicine cabinet trust, progress user adhesion.
  2. drug selection
  Intelligent medicine cabinet included in the medicine as far as possible to urgent medicine, including colds, fever, trauma, gastrointestinal medicine, birth control supplies, heat relief and other types. If the company does not have professionals to guide and introduce, pick well-known brand products as far as possible.
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  3. Appropriate location for investment
  Compared to pharmacy scenarios, smart medicine cabinets are more suitable for investment in hotels, office buildings, superstores, stations and other locations.
  On the one hand, these scenes have a large flow of people and the frequency of medication demand is relatively high. On the other hand, in the pharmacy smart medicine cabinet is as a supplement to its night sales, for these local customers, the purchase of drugs more convenient, more satisfied with their temporary purchase of drugs needs.