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e coating

E-coat equipment: This equipment solves the problems of high labor intensity, low efficiency, a large number of people, unstable quality of coating, poor uniformity and waste of paint existing in the spraying machine controlled by construction personnel. The automatic spraying equipment includes an automatic transverse spraying device which can drive on the ground and is suspended at the rear of the motor vehicle. A control system is set up on the motor vehicle to control the longitudinal uniform movement of the motor vehicle and the transverse spraying device of the automatic transverse spraying device. The automatic spraying equipment can automatically spray large areas according to the set parameters, reduce the number of workers, spraying efficiency, and spraying quality is stable and uniform.

e coating: a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving coating technology to replace high energy consumption and pollution powder coating and cathodic electrophoretic coating. Because the investment of electrophoretic line coating equipment has been greatly reduced, the running cost has been reduced exponentially, and it has excellent swimming permeability, so it is especially suitable for pressure parts with a complex surface, porous, slender and sandwich. As long as it can be immersed in the paint, it can form a good paint film, which greatly improves the workpiece’s performance. Corrosion resistance. So it is especially suitable for stamping parts, steel structure parts and steel shell parts with complex shapes and different sizes of workpieces.

Process, equipment composition and characteristics of automatic electric coat Equipment

1. The automatic e coating process- powder coating process

The process flow of the automatic electrophoresis line is as follows:
Degreasing 4~6min→Degreasing 4~6min→Washing~1min→Descaling 3~8min→Washing~1min→Neutralization~1min→

Washing~1min→Deionized Water Wash~1min→e coating 1~3min→Washing~1min→Reaction Washing ~ 1min → curing 110 ° C 30min → offline

The processing time of the whole line is short, the production rhythm is fast, the work efficiency is high, and the use cost is low.

2. Composition and Characteristics of automatic electric coat Equipment

The equipment composition of the self-swimming painting line is mainly determined according to the process flow, the characteristics of the workpiece, the production capacity and the current situation of the workshop. The equipment composition of the self-swimming painting line is different under different production conditions. The self-swimming painting line is mainly composed of the following parts:

  1. Pretreatment system (degreasing and rust removal).
  2. e coating system (constant temperature, stirring)
  3. Automatic PLC transportation system;
  4. Hot air circulation drying system;
  5. Pure water preparation and spraying system;
  6. Other pipelines, pump circulation, heating and other ancillary devices.