◆Logistics express face sheet online printing labeling machine, a time-saving and efficient labeling equipment, the whole machine adopts downward pressure blowing type labeling, the labeling head can be installed with a rotating device, and the labeling angle can be adjusted. One function can complete the box. Online labeling of boxes, bags, barrels and other products. ◆Labeling speed: 102-254MM/S

Logistics express face sheet online printing and labeling machine

Product model: ALP-8000 ALP-8000 plane printing labeling machine is equipped with a Taiwan TSC printer, which can print and apply, and the printing and labeling speed can reach 30 sheets per minute. The buffer printing and labeling can be used with high-speed requirements, and the data can be transmitted at a high speed. It saves time and effort and can meet various automated labeling needs.

Product features of the online printing and labeling machine for logistics express face bills :

• The APL-8000 TSC printing labeling machine series adopts pressure-blowing type labeling. The labeling head can be equipped with a rotating device to adjust the labeling angle. One machine can complete the labeling of a variety of products. It is suitable for product packaging or transportation packaging. Changeable content identification, such as box, box, bag, barrel or roll of changeable content label on the tap and stick, suitable for various types of production lines, product packaging lines or logistics sorting lines, etc.
• APL-8000 TSC printing and labeling machine The series is controlled by a complete set of PLC developed by our company. It can automatically detect when the label is in place and trigger the printing instruction. It can automatically obtain the information of testing instruments such as weighing equipment, or integrate WMS, ERP and other upper management systems to obtain data and print it on the label. .
• APL-8000 TSC printing and labeling machine series can automatically print and blow up 30 variable content labels per minute, support 7×24 hours of high-speed, continuous, and high-precision printing and labeling, integrating excellent stability and excellent online performance In one.
• APL-8000 series can be equipped with RFID label printing module to realize EPC CLASS 1 GEN 2 label generation and automatic labeling.

The scope of application of the online printing and labeling machine of logistics express face list :

Widely used in the following industries: second and third level packaging labels for medical electronic supervision codes; food and beverage production batches and sales tracking labels; tobacco production batches and sales tracking labels; cosmetics, daily chemical production batches and sales tracking labels; Manufacturing and distributing products or shipping packaging labels; logistics and transportation labels; automobile after-sales spare parts; electronic repair spare parts; mail or express mail bags; e-commerce; catalog sales; medical distribution, etc.

The technical advantages of the online printing and labeling machine for logistics express face bills :

• Print and paste, completely eliminate printing, coding, data association and labeling errors
• Blowing labeling method, non-contact with the surface of the object to be labeled, will not affect the quality of the packaging
• The labeling plate can be rotated to any angle- Top, bottom, side or inclined
• Adapt to various labeling surfaces such as flat and cylindrical surfaces
• Original high-precision online printing engine to ensure print quality and barcode reading
• The maximum length of labels and ribbons is 900m, reducing the number of stop-line switching

Advantages of choosing the online printing and labeling machine of logistics express face list :

• Unified management of label types and printing data;
• Unified management of labeling process parameters and job records;
• Barcode labels that are printed and applied;
• Automatic label selection, automatic positioning, and real-time labeling;
• Suitable for small batch and multi-variety production modes, Quickly switch the labeling process and reduce human intervention;
• Ensure labeling accuracy and repeatability, improve product quality and consistency;
• Improve labeling efficiency and reduce production costs;
• Save space and facilitate the expansion of production capacity;
• Improve work Conditions, reduce the flow of personnel and reduce labor costs.

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