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KenWei Side Labeling Machines – Single & Double Sided Labelers

For labeling on the side of the product, we propose a wide range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic labelers that meets the needs of our customers, such as attaching the side surface to a flat surface, attaching the side surface to a tapered surface, and attaching the side surface to a curved surface.

Automatic side labeling machines are suitable for different types of products. Suitable for production lines with side labeling operations and stand-alone production. Flexible vertical support of the machine mechanism provides excellent compatibility and flexibility. We can support a variety of production lines with labeling requirements, depending on the requirements of the production line. Our automatic side labeling system allows the marking position to be accurate by adjusting and calibrating the labeling position at the same time.

Single Side Labeling Machines – This system is a stationary type side sticking labeler (side sticking labeler) for sticking labels on the side of the product. It is also possible to incorporate a handle unit that can adjust the vertical position with respect to the label sticking surface and the taper angle. It is possible to handle even if the side is angled.

Double Side Labeling Machines – This system is a double-sided labeler machine with a conveyor for attaching labels to both sides of the product. Since the position of the labeler body can be changed with the handle unit, it is possible to easily change the object to be attached and the position where the label is attached.

Features of Side Labeling Machines

  • Independent modular control system maintains stable operation for a long time and has good production efficiency.
  • The labeling head is driven by a high efficiency motor to maintain a high precision labeling level.
  • The side sticker module of the labeling head is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the product specifications and label position.
  • Microcomputer control mode is suitable for various production processes to achieve maximum production efficiency.
  • The height of the labeling module of the machine is adjustable and can be matched with the conveyor belt of various packaging machines without being affected by the height.
  • The parameter memory function of the side labeling machine can start production with memory parameters as soon as the power is turned on, so no setting procedure is required.
  • With double foot base: fixed stainless steel foot base and movable wheel group. This is useful for moving machines and scheduling production use.
  • In addition, the servo type side labeling machine provides an independent transmission system for paper feed and paper feed disc.
  • The smart labeling delay feature allows you to fine-tune the labeling time and position of your product.
  • It has the advantage of being able to quickly adapt to the production line of packaging machinery and equipment, allowing the mechanism module to be arbitrarily adapted for fully automated labeling production.
  • The whole machine structure is made of SUS304 stainless steel and hardened high quality aluminum, which is high quality, durable and durable.
  • Machine maintenance is easy and you can maintain the durability of the machine with a simple cleaning procedure.
  • Simple and convenient touch interface, clear and simple button operation settings.

Application of Side Labeling Machines

Suitable for side labeling needs of different sizes and shapes in different industries. It is equipped with a multi-directional automatic side labeling machine. Suitable for side labeling of products of various sizes and shapes: wine bottleneck label, carton corner labeling, fresh tea storage bag, anti-counterfeit label, game box, bottle cap side, metal parts, aluminum foil bag, bottle side Unauthorized opening sticker, mobile phone battery, egg box, carton, mask, memory card, electronic parts, brake pad, promotional label, plastic packaging bag, anti-counterfeit laser sticker, cotton stick box, boxed dental floss stick, Side labeling machines for a wide range of applications such as body creams and skin care product boxes are the most effective packaging machines. Equipment production line.